By: Anthony Bwalya – Citizen of the Republic of Zambia and Member of UPND.

The country has just seen a tasteless footage, of some Patriotic Front (PF) thugs violently destroying a UPND branded motor vehicle in Kasama, in FULL VIEW of armed police personnel.

Now, before the cartoon leadership of the party in power even tries to mock the intelligence of Zambians by “condemning” this act of animalistic barbarism, let the Zambian people be aware, that the PF is now an openly criminal regime anchored on high crimes of corruption, thuggery, violence and terrorism.

And there exists a wealth of evidence to that effect.

First of all, Zambia no longer has a President in charge. We only have a proxy President who is now only acting for and on behalf of criminal elements both inside and outside of the PF political establishment.

If Zambia had a President in charge, those charged with the responsibility to maintain law and order in our country would diligently serve him to ensure that he fulfils this key constitutional mandate to the Zambian people.

How do you serve a proxy President?

Earlier this year, the livelihoods of ordinary people were destroyed when this proxy President hopelessly watched while a carefully orchestrated string of homegrown terror attacks were occasioned against innocent citizens. Schools and homes were attacked and people murdered in cold blood while this proxy President watched.

To date, the proxy President has failed to constitute a commission of inquiry to establish the identity of the terrorists, their source of funding and how they were able to crisscross the country so fast without the detection of law enforcement agencies.

But then again, it turns out the proxy President has an affinity for criminality, that is how his name is now potentially on the international watchlist for state sponsors of international terrorism after he was mentioned in a foreign court of law, under oath, for being a financier of an armed rebel group fighting to unseat a serving president of another country.

It is under this proxy President that named international terrorism suspects have turned Zambia into both a grooming and organizing ground, using our land as a regional terrorism financing centre. Why has this guy and his government failed to investigate the terrorism financing activity flagged on Zambian soil by the Financial Intelligence Center in the 2018 Report?

The tactics now being employed by the PF regime are typical of despot regimes. They are now intent on fanning armed and violent discontent in the country as a means to justify the sabotage of constitutional rule in Zambia.

This is a regime that has openly waged war on listed corporate entities like the Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC), Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) and now attempting a brutal takeover of Sun International Hotels in Zambia as a means to hand critical sectors of the economy to business mafias friendly to the regime.

This is the same proxy President who has handed $500m worth of unprocessed gold deposits to foreign owned entities with known links to terrorism, with these companies being headed by individuals with links to internationally sanctioned individuals by the US, UK, EU and UN.

The PF know that the country’s economy is now beyond redemption and is headed for a certain collapse.

But to legitimize the destruction of what was once a buzzing and promising young economy, like a looted office, BURN IT DOWN.

Zambians must brace themselves for the very worst ahead of the 2021 general election.

We are not dealing with a government.

We are dealing with thugs whose only claim to power is the facade of the shambolic 2016 general election.

We must stand together and defend our country.


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