PF President Miles Sampa Has Formally Written To Speaker Nelly Mutti To Notify Her About The Expulsion Of Nine PF MP

Miles Sampa

PF President Miles Sampa has formally written to Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti to notify her about the expulsion of nine Members of Parliament for the former ruling part.

The affected lawmakers are:
✓Brian Mundubile (Mporokoso),

✓Nickson Chilangwa (Kawambwa),
✓Mutotwe Kafwaya (Lunte),

✓Remember Mutale (Serenje),
✓Ronald Chitotela (Pambashe),

✓Christopher Kang’ombe (Kamfinsa),

✓Stephen Kampyongo (Shiwang’andu), ✓Musonda Mpankata (Lupososhi) and ✓Mulenga Fube (Chilubi).


  1. Sampa is not PF president. Hichilema and Sampa are creating big problems for themselves. Their political careers are as good as over because of their excessive selfishness. And as long Hichilema’s political career is over so does the Upnd disappear from the political scene. People are very annoyed with all this evil taking place orchestrated from state house! So if Hichilema and Sampa think they are winners they are the biggest losers in all this because the end will be very shameful for them.

  2. @Mununka, you should per attention even to your pf chair for legal george chisanga in the last pf bemba press briefing. Sampa is pf president for as long as the injuction was thrown out and the matter is yet to be determined, ok!

    Keep dreaming oh sorry having nightmares anout UPND and HH7 while your pf is drowning in its owm shit instead of ukuipipa!!!


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