PF President Miles Sampa To Sue Two Mambwe Villagers Hired By Makebi Zulu To Defame The New PF President With Fake Demands Of K250,000 Each When He Owes Them Nothing

Miles Sampa


Monday 20th November, 2023

Makebi Zulu was Miles Sampa’s lawyer in 2014 and represented him in the case vs Edgar Lungu after 2 PF conventions were held in Kabwe on the same weekend. This was after the demise of the PF founder Michael Sata (MHSRIEP).

All the legal argument were in favour of Miles Sampa more so that bonafide PF officials from all 10 Provinces attended the convention that he was voted in. ECL’s convention was attended by thugs from Intercity and simply raised hands and no other candidate was allowed to attend. Miles Sampa’s event followed the PF constitution while the ECL one did not, where even the then acting President Guy Scott was not allowed to attend.

With all this legal ammunition, Makebi Zulu made Miles Sampa lose in court to ECL because he opted to sell his ethics to the opponent camp and sided with them in illegal consent judgements that knocked out Sampa. He was to be rewarded by ECL with the PF adoption certificate for the Mambwe constituency in Eastern province ahead of bonafide members. He was rewarded further with a Ministerial position Incharge of Eastern province.

Come 2021, Makebi did not only lose his Mambwe seat but lost the ECL presidential vote in Eastern province gifting it to President HH.

Come 2023 Miles Sampa wins as President of the PF at an extraordinary general conference in Lusaka, Makebi Zulu resurfaces in court representing ECL surrogate Raphael Nakachinda against Miles Sampa’s victory. They lose in two court rulings thus far and still continue to make fresh applications of the same arguments hoping for different results.

Next kicks while gasping for last political breath Makebi hires to slander Miles Sampa two villagers he has neglected from time he lost as MP in 2021.

Makebi pays Millenium TV and Diamond TV to parade the two naive villagers to claim K250,000 each that apparently Miles Sampa promised them not sure for what product or service. Now such kind of amount can only be real in the mind of a corrupt and crooked lawyer like Makebi because money laundering of stolen loot is his bread and butter. A case in point is the K65M cash found in a Faith Musonda bedroom. He may have been paid K250,000 for saving her jail somehow in some unexplained bargain circumstances.

So he thinks K250,000 is petty cash even for non thieving and non corrupt politicians like Miles Sampa that they can afford to give it to anyone for free.

What he does not know but knows now is that Miles Sampa has instructed his lawyers to sue the two villagers for malice and defamation. Guess Makebi Zulu will be the villagers lawyers so they can pay him K250,000 for legal representation. To be sued alongside the two villagers are all TV stations that agreed or may have been paid to parade innocent villagers to concoct lies. Journalism ethics do not allow media houses to broadcast lies when aware that being part of published lies is malicious unless they are accomplice to the defamation which they need to prove in court if they are not.

As for Makebi Zulu a discredited lawyer without shame that has traded his professional ethics in exchange of treasury stolen money, one wonders how much longer he will go on duping the Courts, the legal fratenity and other government institutions.

source: Miles Sampa


  1. Where the political process fails to settle political questions fairly, courts become an option. This is a serious indictment of Zambian elites who cannot realise that our country is in real trouble. This is making politics more expensive than it should be and keeping many good people out of the game. There’s no way rotten politics can give you a good country.

  2. When did Sampa become PF president, God help us! He should just pay them , surely does Makebi Zulu have time for such nonsense? Let Sampa sort out his nonsense, it wasn’t Makebi Zulu who told him to start doing crooked things, supported by Upndead! How about those on the copperbelt, is it Makebi Zulu who told them to demand what they were promised? Just pay them. You will pay for your sins! Lesa alakanda!

  3. Sampa or PF in general are not piece of my meat, if anything I see anthrax in them.

    But any normal and sane Zambian who watched those rats making claims could see that they were paid probably K20 each and did not rehearse properly. I was wondering what those rascals can do even with K1000 and now talk of K250,000 each?

    The whole drama smells and stinks of the rotten side of PF STUPID IDIOTS. Even the media that aired the hired rats simply said Sampa has refuted the allegations without showing him doing so. How do we know they even contacted him? Sue and eat from the STUPID IDIOTS.

  4. As today many Zambians would not like PF to come back to power. But unfortunately the turn of events and with people like Miles Sampa are helping the resurrection of ‘PF2’. The truth on matters of legal battles Miles can win, but he has almost zero following on the ground. And looking at the events very soon Miles will be left with name PF and all the ECL pf will form a new party or migrate to another party and assume leadership and both ways are disastrous to UPND and for us who would not want PF to come back. We should all accept that there is a very big difference with the Kabwe pf convention and the Miles Sampa one. There is nothing to talk about with what Miles Sampa did. Very soon he will either give up or he just reliase he has no followers. Politics is not about courts it is about voters. I can assure you very soon or later ECL pf2 will merge with existing part and the entire executive will shift it is not about the name it is about composition. Miles Sampa played it very immature and unprofessional. I repeat Miles has not followers in PF, very soon he will remain with the name.


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