PF Propaganda Will Not Take Away HH’s Success

Ruth Dante
Ruth Dante

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President Hakainde Hichilema has shown leadership and patriotism to his country by working tirelessly to ensure that he repairs and grows the damaged economy he interited from the Patriotic Front.

This is despite the hate, insults and propaganda from the very PF that damaged the economy.

As United Party for National Development we shall not be swayed by PF manufactured Homosexuality but will continue engaging the international communities and our continent to achieve our goal of making Zambia the top investment destination.

This is evident from the United Nations General Assembly where President Hichilema successfully engaged potential investors, the United States Chamber of Commerce, held bilateral talks with the World Bank and IMF, all in a bid to create investment opportunities which will create jobs thereby improving the standard of living for the people.

We as UPND are too serious with fixing the failed economy which Emmanuel and PF left in shumbles.

We shall therefore not allow PF to obstruct the implementation of our socio economic policies which have already shown the reduction of inflation and economic growth.

Our President today has earned international acholades and brought back investor confidence which will bring forth unprecedented investments.

The leadership exhibited explains why the New Dawn succeeded in getting the IMF bail out which PF completely failed despite holding meetings.

Government success stories have left the PF and other opposition political parties with nothing to say but propaganda hate and insults.

PF propaganda has exposed their intentions and we would like to warn then that nothing will make Zambians forget PF brutality, Lawlessness, violence and corruption.

Instead of thanking Bally for repairing the damage caused PF are busy with propaganda because their failure to govern and grow the economy has been exposed.

Instead of pushing the homosexuality agenda PF could actually crowd their family and friends in entrepreneurship to access affordable funding from the CEEC at affordable low rates of 12% per annum?!!!!…since when and under which government has this ever happened?

PF should come to terms with reality that money will never bounce them back because Zambians today cannot exchange their vote with money.

We urge PF to halt their long unsuccessful propaganda because Zambians can no longer be cheated by know everyone knows that PF propaganda started with
Satanism, Privatization, treason, tribalism, fake allegations and now Homosexuality.

we are used to your schemes which do nothing but continue pushing UPND to its greatness like you have done in the historical victory of 2021. Zambias second independence…Long live HH and UPND…

@ The Falcon


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