Marvin Chanda Mberi

By Marvin Chanda Mberi

The independent civil societies among the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), the Consortium of Political Parties, the church and the media have all agreed that the circumstances under which the Hatembo siblings are held away from the public eye is a national issue.

On another hand, there has been dead silence from the police regarding the issue while the Human Rights Commission (HRC) claiming they are not hiding.

The question any well meaning would ask the Commission is “why then are they not allowed to enjoy their freedoms among them the freedom of association?”

It is also a fact the Human Rights Commission has been proactive and quick to make comments on matters that are partisan in nature while on one hand their lips been tied on matters affecting the vulnerable people.

The case the dual clearly shows a helpless poor citizens who are entrapped in the jaws of the unknown host.

While ours is to promote institutional independence of state institutions, we demand fairness and impartiality the Commission makes public comment on matters of human rights violations.

The last time the Hatembos were seen in public was when they were paraded before the cameras to denounce their lawyers and discredit their own court processes where they are pursuing a claim for trespass.

Just like any other citizens, the Hatembos brought an action against UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and the action was dismissed on the basis of the statute barred and being disenchanted with the decision they filed a notice of appeal at the speed of light.

Ever since their “miracle disappearance” a number of events have transpired which require their personal attendance.

Among them includes the prolonged sickness of the daughter to Phelluna and a bereavement which occurred within the family.

Missing these important events is not what a voluntary disappearance can be.

There are some institutions that are consistent in discussing matters that a controversial.

Most of the self proclaimed activists are only biased toward making comments that are partisan in nature and little attention has been given to the issues affecting the vulnerable people.

We also understand the police intends to use the missing dual as witnesses in the ongoing criminal investigations over the subject that has not been disclosed. This us enough ti attest that their safety is indispensable and a priority.

Even in the midst of this controversy, there are a few voices that have consistently pleaded that the missing persons be availed or Atleast their whereabouts be made known so that possible speculations can be brought to rest.

Chief Cooma in whose territory their last known residence is situated has fumed with dire desperation demanding that his subjects be brought Whether dead or alive.

The church have equally echoed similar concerns about this unprecedented event of the vulnerable people disappearing in unusual circumstances.

Apparently, the pleas have been wantonly been disregarded with brazen impunity.

This is a litmus test on whether similar occurrences will be regarded as business as usual or there would be any patriots that would take proactive steps to arrest the situation.


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