PF Responsible For Zambia’s Current Economic Situation- Mumba.

The Movement for Multiparty Democracy-MMD- has advised the Patriotic Front -PF- to take responsibility for having created the current severe economic situation in the country.

New MMD Leader NEVERS MUMBA says it wrong for the PF to accuse the UPND administration for worsening the economy when it was created by them through excessive borrowing.

Dr. MUMBA has questioned why the PF wants to look clean when they became the first to default on Zambia’s external debt.

And Dr. MUMBA said is it a huge misrepresentation for organisations and political players to insinuate that there is shrinking democratic space in the country.

He said the current democratic space can NOT be compared to that of the former ruling party because it is on the path of being restored.

Meanwhile the MMD Leader said the return of former President EDGAR LUNGU to active politics is suicidal to the political future of the PF.

But when contacted for a comment the GIVEN LUBINDA led PF faction Secretary General RAPHAEL NAKACHINDA said Dr. MUMBA is merely looking for favours from the current Government.


  1. Mushanina icimbala uyu.

    Mumba is a snake that sided with PF until results indicated Hakainde was going to win outright. That is when he slithered like a sly snake towards the buttered side of Hakainde. In 2026, he will be doing more slithering.

    Ishi ensoka Bible ilandapo.

  2. Mumba, you are a turncoat. You were VP but fired because of misconduct by Mwanawasa. RB appointed into diplomatic service in Canada where you stole the Mission money but you were lucky not to have been jailed. If you want an appointment, just open up and ask your partner in economic crimes.


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