Steven Katuka


…says Lungu should be grateful that HH is so tolerant and respects us him as 6th Republican President

UPND National Chairman, Stephen Katuka has scorned at assertions that the UPND-led Government was full of hypocrites who practiced the opposite of what they preached.

On Friday, 18th March, 2022, 6th Republican President, Edgar Lungu, in the company of his wife, Esther, stole the limelight when he made false allegations against the UPND regime by accusing them of being “hypocritical” and hell-bent on spurring “unjustifiable” vengeance against members of the past regime.

But Mr Katuka charges that if the current situation were to be reversed, Lungu’s political opponents especially President Hichilema would be languishing in prison on tramped-up, unsubstantiated and flimsy political charges.

Mr Katuka observes that the best the former president would have done was to express gratitude to President Hichilema for recognizing him as former President.

later alone reaching out to him when all other Zambians were scolding him for plunging the nation into total chaos and political mayhem.

Mr Katuka was speaking in an exclusive interview at the UPND secretariat this afternoon.

He said he recalled how President Hichilema was forced to watch the proceedings for First Republican President, Kenneth Buchizya Kaunda on State television as the unruly and intolerant PF regime threatened to burn him alive if he turned out for the funeral, recently.

Mr Katuka further charged that Mr Hichilema was unceremoniously hounded out of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross during the funeral for the Mama Betty Kaunda (Kaunda’s wife) by an unruly, heavily weaponized PF thugs, forcing him (HH) to return to his home immediately due to the brutality that PF perpetuated.

He argued that it was irresponsible and unreasonable for Mr Lungu to accuse the Head-of-State of unleashing the Police, late alone having a hand on the pursuit of those who allegedly “stole and robbed the country of her ‘meager resources'” on those in the former ruling party, adding that the current crusade against looters and criminals was being carried out by police and not under instigation of Mr Hichilema as alleged.

And Mr Katuka has called on Mr Lungu to sober up and be appreciative for being accorded the recognition that would have evaded Mr Hichilema had he still continued at the helm of the country’s leadership, noting that the frantic efforts by the Head-of-State has forgotten and forgiven him for being the infamous “President General” who could not allow other political leaders to be in an area where he was (either on the ground or in the air) whilst he was in power.



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