PF still very strong in the hearts of Zambians Kamba


    THE Patriotic Front in Lusaka says the ruling party is strongly embedded in the hearts of Zambians and does not need the likes of NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili to win the 2021 elections.

    In statement, Lusaka Province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba the party was ready to face and defeat Kambwili and his alliance partners in the UPND.

    “We want to state clearly that we don’t need Kambwili to win elections. The PF is very much ready to face him and his alliance partner, Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND.” Kamba stated.

    “We know very well and as stated before, that the alliance between Hichilema and Kambwili is just a ‘marriage of convenience’ for two frustrated politicians. The two share nothing in terms of political ideology but common frustrations. They have already failed to understand each other before and there is nothing new they are bringing tp the fore.” Kamba added.

    He said it was just a matter of time before the UPND/NDC alliance crumbled.

    “They are all power hungry. The PF will go into 2021 general elections as a united force that enjoys the genuine support of citizens, the people that have seen the determination to transform the country through tangible and feasible developments that have been delivered to the people across Zambia,” he said.

    Kamba insisted that “the PF is very strong in the hearts of Zambians that it cannot rely or be desperate to have Chishimba Kambwili inilts camp to win 2021 elections.”

    He advised Kambwili to concetrate on his court cases and his alliance with the UPND leader instead of dragging President Edgar Lungu’s name in his problems.

    “It is very unfortunate that indeed kambwili always wants to play to the gallery, attempting by whatever means possible to change the narrative and blame President Lungu for his court appearances and the cases he is facing before the courts of law,” Kamba said.

    “You cannot play hero for being in court. The court found Kambwili with cases to answer and he must be answering those cases so that he clears himself rather than dragging the name of President Lungu in those cases,” he added.

    He President Lungu had absolutely nothing to do with Kambwili’s court cases.

    “Kambwili is in court alone because he crossed paths with the law and he must prove Innocense there rather than pointing finqers at an innocent man.”

    Kamba said President Lungu’s name should not be dragged into court issues for nothing.

    “This blame game from Kambwilli must come to an end. It is the courts of law that will determine whether Kambwili goes to jail or not. It’s not President Lungu’s business,”said Kamba.


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