Laura Miti writes

OK – PF is Obsessed with the Tonga

In the last few months, multiple PF supporting troll accounts have been created on FB and Twitter.

As with all trolls, these are fake accounts used to push PF sentiment and to attack those the party would wish to.

All these accounts were created in May and June 2020, and new ones are still breaking out like a bad rash.

Now, it would have probably taken longer for me to notice them if it were not for the fact that all the accounts have been created in Tonga and Lozi names.

One has to ask, is there no depth to which the PF will sink in their obsession with Tongas and their traditional cousins🙆🏽‍♀️!


  1. Laura MITI, desperation is all I can tell you.painting the picture that even tongas and lozis are against the opposition. we know them. fake fbook accounts.


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