PF Vice President John Kufuna accuses Lungu of threatening Sata’s party’s legacy

PF Vice President John Kufuna

PF veep accuses Lungu of threatening Sata’s party’s legacy

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Vice President, John Kufuna has spoken out against former President Edgar Lungu, accusing him of jeopardizing the party’s legacy and disrespecting its founder, Michael Sata.

Kufuna expressed concern over Lungu’s recent action stating the former leader of seven years was attempting to destabilize the party once again, aiming to reshape it into the UKA alliance.

Lungu recently rounded up lonely political party leaders whose tiny groupings have no parliamentary or local government representation, to champion his appearance on the 2026 ballot under the newly-born United Kwacha Alliance (UKA).

“Mr Lungu, because he does not care about PF, he wants to turn it into UKA. Mr Sata must be turning in his grave.”

“Mr. Sata suffered a lot to form PF, and now, Mr. Lungu’s actions are threatening to undermine all of that,” Kufuna asserted.

The PF VP emphasized that those that admired Sata were discontent with Lungu’s alleged attempts to alter the PF’s essence.

Kufuna expressed his support for current PF President, Miles Sampa who displaced Lungu’s intentions of allegedly ruining the party.

“I very much support my President, Miles Bwalya Sampa, because he is a good person with a passion for the PF party and deep respect for its founder, Mr Sata.”

Highlighting the tumultuous history of the PF, Kufuna pointed to the challenging period following Sata’s passing in 2014 where the party found itself divided, resulting in two competing factions and legal battles over leadership.

Kufuna commended Sampa for stepping up, realizing the potential damage to the party’s participation in the 2015 general elections withdrawing from the race, and demonstrating his commitment to the PF’s unity.

Meanwhile Kufuna added that the Edgar Lungu group should not be refereed to as PF or PF faction.

“It is better they just call them ECL’s group,'”



  1. The selfish inner circle of sata is what led to this. They thought chagwa would be a push over in the event of sata’s death. The institution of head of state is too powerful. Even poor people’s party Muliokela would be difficult to dislodge if he was given the seat on a silver platter. Winter Kabimba would have been a more responsible replacement for sata. Mwamona nomba.


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