General Kanene
General Kanene


16 TH JUNE 2020


Prisoners by virtue of being under custody have no control over their freedoms and liberties and therefore very vulnerable to manipulation. Inmates will be blackmailed with Presidential pardon to vote for PF. Surely, would any normal person call that a free and fair election? PF is just taking its violence and confusion in prisons. Imagine prisoners dressed in different party regalia and flashing party symbols in cells. But, because of desperation, PF wants to take away even their remaining human rights of deciding what’s right or wrong. Prisoners will vote under duress, with guns held over their heads by your Prison Officers, who you will also intimidate.

We are reminding you about all this not because we are scared of you winning the elections. We are merely doing so because we are much more sober and organized human beings than you are. Prisoners are human beings with rights to choose between right and wrong. Leave them alone. In the 2016, we had strange figures from Chitulika and Lundazi as part of your rigging. In 2021 you are going to announce Mukobeko, Mwembeshi and Chimbokaila prisons as new constituencies. While Chitulika and Lundazi can be accessed by anyone and verify the numbers, the new prison rigging epicenters will shut their doors to the public once you have cooked up the figures.

Crooks are very shameless people. The rumor that there are more crooks and thieves in PF than politicians is proving to be true. How else can one understand how decent and normal human beings can turn prisons into rigging epicenters? Very soon you will declare burial sites as new polling stations for ghost voters. Prisons are restricted places, how do you now open its doors to politicians to campaign? Indeed you are new normal human beings.

Before you create too much tension in the Country out of your confused state of mind, please accept the reality that your time is up. You are exhibiting very dangerous desperation. Especially that Zambians have made up their minds to kick you out. Even people you are giving money are telling us that they are just eating from you, but they will vote for UPND. Remember what the same people did to MMD; be assured that you are their next victim.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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