… The party leadership made a good decision appointing Hon Mulenga as Women Chairperson says MCC Nakacinda.

Ndola, Sunday, 20 MARCH, 2022 (Smart Eagles).

Patriotic Front (PF) National Chairperson for women Hon Kampamba Mulenga has implored women to remain United if the party is to bounce back in Power.

Hon Kampamba said one of the reasons the party failed to safeguard the August 12 election which was allegedly stolen is because of lack of unity and division.

She has since asked the women on the Copperbelt to work with leaders and candidates who will be chosen by the party leadership in future elections.

Hon Kampamba was speaking during the Launch of the Copperbelt PF women’s movement at the New Copperbelt Province Head Quarters in Ndola today.

She said the women movement should be strong and work hard to ensure that there is change of Government in 2026.

Hon Kampamba said people will die of hunger if the government is not changed in four years time.

“The cost of living has skyrocketed beyond imaginable levels. The PF used to take good care of the Zambian people. When you go at the hospital, there are no medicines instead of sorting out the problem, the President is just busy travelling around the world

And Hon Kampampa said the PF is still strong and intact as can be seen from lack of defections from the PF to other political parties.

“This is the first time in the History of elections that we have seen a party that lose power not losing members through defections. If you see a person defecting, just know that there were not PF from the word go. As women in the party, we are asking for your support as leaders in the party,” She said.

Speaking at the same event, PF acting Secretary General Hon Nickson Chilangwa applauded the PF women on the Copperbelt for maintaining discipline and Unity

Hon Chilangwa has however Challenged the UPND to call for early elections because they have failed to run the country.

Meanwhile, PF Information and Publicity Chairperson Hon Raphael Nakacinda urged the women to ignore bloggers who are paid on social media to insult PF leaders.

Hon Nakacinda said the entire country is looking up to the PF to speak for them hence the need not to be swayed by social media keypad warriors.

“Do not pay attention to people who are insulting party leaders. They are paid to insult former President Edgar Lungu, they are paid to insult Hon Given Lubinda , even ba National Women Chairperson nabena balabatuka. So mwibikako amino balabalipila

So Mukose, there is need to replicate meetings of such nature countrywide.. Tulelolesha pali 2026. The party leadership made a good decision appointing Hon Mulenga as Women Chairperson,” he said.


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