PF will hold their convention on October 29th October, 2023



….Central Committee Meeting approves proposed dates of 29th July,2023 for holding of Constitutional Conference and October 29th, 2023 for Extra-ordinary General Conference….

Lusaka-24th June 2023

The Central Committee Meeting held on Saturday ,24th June 2023, has approved the Road Map for holding the Constitutional Conference and Extra-ordinary General Conference.

This is after the Planning Committee headed by the National Party Chairperson, Hon. Davies Chama presented its full report, proposed logistics and Road Map for the holding of both the Constitutional and Extra-ordinary General Conferences.

The Central Committee has also approved plans for the Constitutional Conference to be held on the proposed date of Saturday 29th July,2023.

The Constitutional Conference will be held under a hybrid arrangement where it will be both an in-person and virtual conference.

The Central Committee also approved plans and structure of delegates to attend the Extra-ordinary General Conference to elect a new party President.

The Central Committee Meeting also adopted the proposed date of 28th October, 2023 on which the Extra-Ordinary General Conference will be held.

A proposed budget of K5.7million has also been approved.

The Central Committee also established the Fundraising Committee and approved appointed members of the Committee to spearhead raising of funds so that the party could successfully hold the two scheduled Conferences.

The 11-member Committee comprises members; Hon. Dr. Frank Ngambi, Hon. Mulenga Kampamba, Hon. Anthony Kasandwe, Hon. Silvia Chalikosa, Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba, Hon. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Hon. Elias Daka, Hon. Jean Kapata, Hon. Godfridah Sumaili, Hon. Anthony Kasandwe, Hon. Stephen Kampyongo, and Hon. Alexander Chiteme.

A Sub-Committee was also approved where some members of Parliament were part of.

The Central Committee has also approved the Patriotic Front’s Strategic Plan that will be officially launched in Ndola, Copperbelt by mid August 2023.

And Patriotic Front Vice President, Hon. Given Lubinda who chaired the Meeting, has called on President Hakainde Hichilema to publish details of the Debt Restructuring Agreement recently announced at the Paris Club Summit in France.

He said this was to allow for informed and productive national debate.

He said the debt reschedule must help lower the living standards of people or it will be deemed ineffective.

He lamented that Government had failed to demonstrate how it had utilised savings from the suspension of debt service where the country has not paid for its debt since December 2020.

He also condemned the repeated attacks and abuse of the law by the State and Law Enforcement Agencies against members of the Opposition.

He condemned machinations being perpetrated to question the legitimacy of the election and leadership of Citizen First President, Mr.Harry Kalaba and his elected team.

And the Central Committee was informed that the Disciplinary Committee had began to handle the disciplinary cases of Mafinga MP, Hon. Robert Chabinga and Chama South MP, Hon. Davison Mung’andu and the affected MPs were responding to the process.

Issued by;

Hon. Raphael Nakacinda
Member of the Central Committee
Chairperson of the Information and Publicity.

Saturday, 24th June,2023


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