By David Zulu

There have been frolicking attempts by the PF, some of them a little desperate and a little ignorant, to define the vernacular Bally persona, that the Zambian youths have twinned the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema. Some have sought the expertise of various dictionaries, from renown World University and other scholarly institutions.

PF must understand that you can’t zero down a signature to a character, neither can you lock up an idea in a police jail. A concept has feathers and wings and cannot be restricted by borders or walls. Bally is not a name of a person which you can scroll through on Google or dictionary books, Bally is a fast approaching ideology and belief and value systems.

As a matter of fact it is a fast paced youth revolution of a section of citizens left behind by the PF’s greed and corruption. It’s a constituency left stranded by the PF gravy train. In the PF there are no Bally youths, there are thugs and violent criminals high on the opium of corruption and patronage.

Bally is an idea of a young toddler, of his father being an accomplished warrior with broad shoulders and big strong arms. A toy drops on the floor into a dozen pieces. Out of child innocence of absolute faith, the boy picks up the pieces, looks up to the towering figure of his father, and with unsophisticated simplicity says, “Bally, fix it!” These are the Bally constituents, these are the Zambian youths on the march waving the Bally banner.

And PF have tried to provide a rational and literal meaning of the term Bally, it’s not working and it won’t work. As a matter of fact the youth now feel that their territory is being encrouched and violated by this attempt by the PF. They are tired of their existence being defined by the PF’s methods, through the eyes of corruption, patronage and violence, that has robbed them of a future, and they are fighting back to defend their turf and their culture.

Bally is not a name, it is a rallying cry to a war against the PF corruption, intolerance and dictatorship by a rebelling youth population that’s been accused, abused,cheated and robbed by the PF’s ideology of more money, more jobs, and more empowerment of youth that never came.

It was a ticking time, bomb and it’s exploding right in their faces, and the biggest mistake they will make is narrow their view of Bally to HH. It’s an impending vote revolution and the youth have picked HH as their General.


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