Brian Mundubile


….we will remain steadfast and defend the interests of our country


Leader of the opposition in Parliament Hon Brian Mundubile says the Patriotic Front Members of Parliament will not be joining the list of puppets but that they will defend the interests of the people of Zambia.

Hon Mundubile says the people put the MPs in that Parliament to defend the interests and aspirations of this country and not to champion the interests of the imperialists.

“I will repeat what the Secretary General said. We as Members of Parliament from the left from the PF, we will not join in the list of puppets, who are going to sit back in fear and submit to imperialists. I want to state that we are not going to join that list of puppets, we will remain steadfast and defend the interests of the imperialists. People put us in that Parliament to defend the interests and aspirations of this country. So when we look at our Constitution, we are very clear in our minds, that some of these cultures that they are bringing are unconstitutional,” he said.

He said Zambia has cultures and norms that must be respected and that the imperialists should not dictate what the people should be doing in their own country.

“Can you imagine colleagues that we are just a few metres away from Mulungushi International Conference Center where this conference is taking place and one of my MPs came to tell me that for any updates he is talking to his friend in Costa Rica who is only giving me updates about what’s happening here. And if he fails, he’s also phones his friend in Korea, Netherlands, because we have no information,” he told journalists in Lusaka.

“Now, we must be very categorical. I want to start by talking about the position of democracy. Zambia is a constitutional democracy and the the condition of democracy and democracy is measured by fidelity to the Constitution. To what extent do we as a country follow our own constitution? We are surprised that we were chosen as the best destination or the best host for this particular event.”

The Mporokoso lawmaker also urged Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security to stop issuing threats to citizens who wish to express themselves.

“So clearly comrade Jack Mwiimbu, I want to say this as a warning to you . Minister, rethink your position. Do not think weaponizing the police and other security agencies is the way to go in a democracy. There comes a time my dear brother, when there is no amount of armour, there is no amount of gunfire that will restrain the people that would like to exercise their democratic rights. If you want to govern this country, govern it using the principles enshrined in the constitution. We have a constitution. We have a bill of rights, that gives them fundamental rights to demonstrate,” he concluded.


    • Mundubile is not an intelligent person. His memories are too shallow. The deaths of Kaunda, Nsama Nsama, obert kasongo, mapenzi chibulo, grazier matapa , those who died during gassing, Lawrence Banda are still fresh in our minds. Stop the hypocrisy

  1. But ba PF mashilu. When did these idiots learn to speak for the people? After being in Government and found that power is sweet and shortly lost power, then they became good people to speak for the people. Whatever means you use, you will never come back into power. Already the people you led know how useless you are. You are just opportunistis, parasites and worse than Margots. Kanshi ukucula kubi cacine.


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