Southern Province PF Chairperson Lawrence Evans

WE are not going to hand over power just like that, we are also busy mobilising, says Southern Province PF chairperson Lawrence Evans.

The former tourism and arts deputy minister, who advised UPND members of parliament to interact with President Edgar Lungu, warned that the UPND would have a shock of their lives in 2021.

Evans said the opposition UPND’s expectations were always very high even when they are not giving direction on what they would want to do for the people of Zambia once in power.

“In the end what has happened is that every time we have general elections they cry foul. Mind you they have lost five times,” he said in an interview. “And it is because they don’t put their house in order…and for us in the Patriotic Front I can assure you that we are not going to hand over power just like that. We are also busy and mobilising our party.”

Evans said the PF was aware that the UPND was busy holding intra-party elections at all levels in the province.

He said the ruling party was not sitting idle.

“We know what we are doing, the Head of State is on top of things. He was in North-Western Province meeting chiefs because these traditional leaders want development, they don’t want things being politicised. I can assure you Mbulo come 2021, the opposition will have a shock of their life,” Evans said. “Anyway I want to reiterate that leadership is God given and if you are not chosen by God to lead a nation, whatever you have you will never lead the nation.”

He advised the UPND to put its house in order and desist from insulting President Lungu.

“Facebook campaigns cannot help the UPND. The PF has done a lot to take development to all parts of the nation and for me as Southern Province PF chairman and my team we are confident that we will increase the votes in 2021 than we got in the previous elections. And I am pretty sure that come 2021, President Edgar Lungu will bounce back in power,” Evans said. “As for the UPND I can just say that they continue with what they are doing and we will meet on the battle ground. All we want to do is to ensure that we take development to all parts of the country.”

He advised the UPND members of parliament to follow the examples of their Ikeleng’i counterpart Elijah Muchima and Mazabuka’s Gary Nkombo to freely interact with President Lungu.

“Muchima is not a child, he has been in government. If only UPND MPs can interact with President Lungu it will be good for Zambia. I just came back from chief Chikanta’s area and he was disappointed that Dundumwezi area MP was not around for the rural electrification programme as well as the ground breaking ceremony for the road network,” said Evans. “Let’s put people first and until this is done the MPs that are elected will hang on to power. If people, see that those that they elect are not doing anything there will come a time that they will see them to be irrelevant. MPs should be level minded. If you feel for your people and you want to uplift their lives, it is good. These people employed you so why don’t you up the lives? But I can only end by saying that there can only be one President and that is Edgar Chagwa Lungu.”


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