By Florence Muyunda CIC Private Reporter

Monze – Southern Province

ECZ must stop listening to PF and start listening to the majority stakeholders in the build up to 2021 general elections.

When stakeholders told ECZ that 30 days will not be enough to register 9 million voters they didn’t listen instead they listened to their partner in rigging the 2021 elections (PF) and now what is happening is what majority stakeholders told ECZ phase one has ended and less than 900,000 Voters have successfully registered to vote in 2021 the whole country going by the pace we have seen in phase one we can conclude that the country at the end of 30 days will have less than 4 million people registered to vote in August 2021 general Elections meaning more than 6 million eligible voters will be deliberately denied an opportunity to exercise their fundermental right to vote.

My appeal to ECZ that it is not too late to listen can you maintain the old voters Register and announce that only those without Voters cards should register now.

Secondly ECZ must increase the number of days fort this voters Registration process to the end of January 2021 without fail. These are the demands of the majority stakeholders I know PF May be controlling ECZ and PF maybe happy so far with low numbers for rigging purposes

Essau Chulu must go he has failed and he is capable of putting this country on fire 🔥



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