PHOTOS: Inside Lionel Messi’s over $10m Residence In Florida


PHOTOS: Inside Lionel Messi’s over $10m Residence In Florida

Recently revealed images of Lionel Messi’s exquisite residence have provided a fresh insight into the World Cup winner’s life of luxury in Florida.

The soccer star, having signed a two-and-a-half-year deal valued at $50-60 million per season, relocated to Florida during the summer after joining David Beckham’s Major League Soccer franchise, Inter Miami.

According to Dailymail on Sunday, after spending his first few months living in a $9m apartment seconds away from ‘golden beach’, the Argentine and his wife Antonella bought a sprawling $10.75m estate in Fort Lauderdale in September.

The luxurious property boasts ten bedrooms, a spa room, two boat docks, and a magnificent swimming pool.

This 10,500 square-foot abode sits within the gated community at Bay Colony, one of the floating neighborhoods north of Fort Lauderdale, positioned just off the beachfront and a 15-minute drive from Inter Miami’s DRV PNK Stadium and training base.

The house features an Italian kitchen, a fitness and spa room, a VIP suite, and a balcony which looks out over the Fort Lauderdale skyline.

Messi – who is currently enjoying the offseason – bought the property with the help of Team Simpkin, who have helped players at the MLS club buy properties since its founding in 2018. He also reportedly bought a Miami apartment in the Porsche Design Tower back in 2019.

The tower provides exclusive car lifts for residents, allowing them to park their vehicles in their private suites. Alongside these amenities, Messi’s striking home includes a private cinema and entertainment area with golf and racing simulators, offering ideal leisure opportunities for his family.


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