PHOTOS:KATUMBI IN KINSHASA: The People Of The Big City Turned Out


[PHOTO FOCUS] KATUMBI IN KINSHASA: The People Of The Big City Turned Out

Huge numbers showed up at N’djili International Airport and later joined leading opposition leader Saint Theresa Fields where he attracted a huge crowd.

Addresing the jubilant crowd, Katumbi promised to be a people’s President who will contribute to transforming lives.

He says his mission will be to make Kinshasa the mirror of Africa and end hunger in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Katumbi said small scale traders will not be taxed beyond capacity while scholarship will be awarded to deserving students.

The TP Mazembe has also promised to construct three sports stadiums in Kinshasa.

Katumbi says voting him is victory for the young people who will have access to decent jobs.

The former Katanga governor urged his supporters to be vigilant and protect their vote on December 20, 2023.


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