PICTURE: Wynter Kabimba yesterday paid a courtesy call on President Hichilema at Community House


PHOTO FOCUS: Former Patriotic Front – PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba yesterday paid a courtesy call on President Hakainde Hichilema at Community House in Lusaka.

Others who were present during Kabimba’s visit included First Lady Mutinta Hichilema and Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Gary Nkombo.


    • You don’t know Wynter Kabimba. He’s not joining the UPND and HH, Mutinta and Nkombo know it and I doubt it they even talked about it. It’s quite likely that Wynter Kabimba requested the meeting in order to compare notes on a few issues. Wynter Kabimba is Wynter Kabimba. He’s a proud man who is often misunderstood by those who only know him from what the media report.

      • @Gunner, Wynter, Mutinta Hichilema our cousins to mum, and Wynter Chaambwa Kabimba is a relative to Mutinta Hichilema. FORGET about ALL THAT “POLITICAL NOISE” he makes.
        Wynter was chased by Chikwanda from PF because of his tribe.

        Wynter’s Father is a PURE UPND.

        • Save your breath, Anderson. I personally know Wynter Kabimba. The UPND are not looking for Kabimba’s political endorsement. They do not need him.

        • Ba Anderson, Mr. Kabimba was, not chased from the PF by Mr. Chikwanda. He clearly made his stay in PF untenable. As SG of PF, he authored the cadre chaos that have characterized PF.

          However, he has every right to meet the President without having to give an explanation. Being in opposition doesnot mean being at loggerheads with the ruling party all the time.

          Our politics should mature to a level where we can unite when faced with a common threat.

          • JMC you are a novice when it comes to Zambian politics. I am young but I read in-between lines. SATA WAS TERRIBLY SICK and Chikwanda was the one calling the shots. He presented a letter purported to been written by disoriented SATA that Wynter has been fired. THE REALITY WAS GBM and Wynter were fighting for PF Presidency. Wynter being Tonga, Chikwanda Chased him. That’s how they ended up having LUNGU as the president after the demise of SATA.

            It was a well orchestrated move by Chikwanda

  1. It is good when leaders meet. Even if they may discuss one or two personal issues, there is always time for national issues. Discussions held in such an environment have a tendency to achieve much more than others.

    If possible, the president should always make time to meet with opposition leaders.

  2. Rain season Kabimba has threatened to sue HH several times.
    It’s understood he went to admire COMMUNITY HOUSE seeing he is the biggest loser and now jobseeking as consultant.
    Shameless numbskull


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