PICTURES: Some of Chiyeso Lungu’s forfeited property in Lusaka’s State Lodge area



PROPERTIES worth over K9 million belonging to former President Edgar Lungu’s daughter Chiyeso have been forfeited to the State for being tainted and suspected to be proceeds of crime.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Court (EFCC) ruled that the assets be forfeited to the State as applied for by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) because Ms Chiyeso failed to prove that the money used to buy the assets was from her parents.

“We reaffirm that we are not satisfied that the interested party (Ms Chiyeso) has discharged evidentiary burden of proving that the money used to acquire the assets was given to her by her parents.

“We accordingly order that property number 9390/M and LUSAK/LN-79093/1 be forfeited to the State to be applied as the DPP deems fit within the confines of the law,” the judgment endorsed by a three-member panel reads.

DPP Gilbert Phiri had filed a notice of motion to seize Ms Chiyeso’s assets, which include two farms, a high-cost house, four chicken runs and three flats in Lusaka’s State Lodge area, worth over K9 million.


  1. This Zambian vice knows no political nor tribal affilliation! The millionaire HH has a cloud hanging over his financial credentials as well.

    • The lesson is you can plunder real big and get to keep a large portion of that wealth. Just surrender a little to the State and by the way, you donot have to worry about going to prison. That is for petty thieves.

      With this kind of scenario, expect an explosion in corruption.

  2. Even the Road is suspected to be a proceed of Crime?? I have looked at the pictures, and one property has about Four views, front view, top views, side views, even perspective views…of course meant to exaggerate the number of properties the young daughter of ECL owns..Is the needle moving such that people pay attention to this and hate the Lungus so much? Am afraid not…People know the privileges of the office of the Presidency, and donations which land on the state house door..these can trickle down to Children..Is it not the ‘ holy man’ who auctioned his Mukobeko jacket at K2million? And those elephants given to his child on her wedding??
    And people also know the murky history of the person making these allegations and confiscating property..The man is not clean ..If he is put on the stand, he will fail to account for the Billions he has! Even his community house can come under the spot as a proceed from Zambia ‘s assets..
    And of course people know he was once a Liquidator…and can add one and one when they see Liquidator Milingo’s Millions… Could this be the source of his Billions ???If Milingo’s Millions were not confiscated, a few years down the line he could have told us he is a genius Billionaire and raised his money from a Chibolya compound house, just like the Privatization Liquidator tells us he made his Billions from a mud house in Kalingalinga..
    And again people are seeing the life style of UPND members from the time they went into office…We are seeing Muna Hantuba getting $40millon on a silver plate, the $2.5 Billion FQM saga..the Mopani Trsnsaction, Muna Hantuba Jubilee- Mopani Mine Deal, the Gold scandals, Fertilizer deals, the Power sales agreements, the return of KCM to criminal Argawal and on and on..and the former Privatization Liquidator has failed to declare his assets to date !
    Money can never be hidden.
    This looks like the application of the Bemba idiom…Bakolwe basekana ifipato! Criminals chasing fellow criminals.

  3. Try all you can to deflect the narrative, neither HH nor Muna Hantuba have had properties forfeited to the state.

    The seizure of these over 770 million kwacha with of property is concentrated in wanu family, EDGAR Chagwa LUNGU’s family, meaning that the source is also right here. This can not be hidden or deflected. Even if you hate and demonise HH, he never told Lungu to go on a stealing spree. Let’s put responsibility where it belongs. In the criminal laps of one EDGAR Chagwa Lungu.


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