By Pilato.

Dear Mr. Hakainde Hichilema,

Sir I hope you find strength in every breath you take during this episode of your life. I am a human being and my humanity is tempted to feel sorry for you. I would have loved to visit you even for a minute and shake hands with you once again but that may not be possible for me to do right now. Sir, if ever you get to read this letter please read it not with your mind but with your heart because this is not a product of my intellect but of my heart. Mr. Hakainde sir, please cherish this period of your life as everything you have dared to stand for is being put to test. I do not feel sorry for you at all but i admire you sir. You are lucky and blessed.

Sir, think about the tallest building, before the last brick was put, the builders first had to dig deeper. Think about the tallest tree sir, before the tree reaches its highest peak it first goes under with the roots. Think about Jesus Christ, before his ressurection he first had to be buried. Everything that has ever gone up has always dwelled under.

Think about the labour ward where our sisters and mothers give birth to life, its the place of pain but the joy that awaits is greater do you notice that the grave has the best flowers than the labour ward? Sir, the prison is such a terrible place, its a place of pain and misery but thats where great minds find inspiration. If Jesus Christ who raised the dead, healed the sick and fed thousands was chained and condemned to death who are we to escape the mediocrity of humanity.

Mr. Hakainde sir, you are in the labour ward of dreams whilst the grave yards are glistening with flowers of comfort and illusions of freedom. While you spend each minute reflecting those outside that prison are losing themselves in pleasure. I do admire you sir, your story shall be told with great detail. Do not lose hope, do not u-turn on your dreams. While it may appear hard and impossible, it is not. There are those who find comfort in calling you the Nelson Mandela, i find that insulting to you for you are not a copy of any other person but your own. Your story is not to become like Mandela but to become the Hakainde Hichilema from a little village in Monze.

Lastly, as difficult this period may be to you and your family, i think its a moment to rejoice. Those who believe in the future can see beyond the smoke.

Thank you sir.


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