Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba


…. asks President Hakainde Hichilema to resign and save himself from further embarrassing his name by exposing his irredeemable incompetency to rule.


Citizens First President Harry Kalaba says he is extremely concerned about the planned double edged sword to implement load shedding and hike electricity tariffs at the same time.

Mr. Kalaba said he finds the logic behind the announcement to be faulty and highly inconsiderate in the sense that Zambian citizens will be paying more for the power that will not be available at the height of load shedding starting in May, 2024.

He said the timing of this announcement to implement the planned deadly double edged sword of load shedding and hiking electricity tariffs comes at the time when the nation and its citizens are struggling and barely making it to earn a decent living.

Mr. Kalaba said while in opposition, President Hakainde Hichilema boasted of having solutions to problems of load shedding and had the audacity to cast aspersions at the former regime for their alleged lack of vision and “incompetency.”

” Now to repay the Zambian voters who trusted his campaign message, Mr. Hichilema has not only subjected the nation to hunger by selling our national maize strategic reserves, but has also failed to provide leadership and implement those solutions he boasted about while in opposition to end load shedding and lower the cost of living,” Mr. Kalaba said.

“By failing to implement his highly talked about self praise of a vision to address many economic challenges facing the nation, President Hakainde has exhibited the highest levels of incompetency by any President in the living memory of Zambia,” the CF leader said.

Mr. Kalaba adds that while citizens are asked to brace themselves for harder times ahead, President Hakainde Hichilema should also RESIGN and save himself from further embarrassing his name by exposing his irredeemable incompetency to rule.


  1. For someone who went to the University of Zambia and studied some degree under the school of humanities later worked as Public Service worker and then Minister; this man exhibits alot of ignorance.
    An artilce came out today showing poorly performing Public Companies under IDC. Zesco is among the companies that is making losses.
    ERB amd Zesco in the past two years has been explaining to us how the current tariffs are unsustainable with the need for the Power company to raise tariffs inorder to be able to meet its obligations and maintain the power infra structure to ensure power delivery.
    Kalaba’s outbursts are insincere and malious, given the above and the manner has with the regulator attempted to break down the tariff increase in small increases than the inital large steep increase.
    While climate change is the reason for the impeding loadsheding, attempts to mitigate this by importing power, to cushion productivity so that people are able to continue their lives in a smooth a manner as possible.
    The exchange rate today is ZK15 or so to the dollar. This is because the forex inflows that are in the country. Without that the exchange rates would be higher.
    Why not use the environment to work hard even under the othet trying economic factors?
    Things will never be consistently “rosey” but the continious “negative statements ” from shallow opposition politicans isnt not what we need right now. We inspiration and direction so that when the next blow sets in, we would have built in ourselves a capacity to weather the tide.
    Kalaba go back to school…you show very little understanding of Public finance. Leaders need to have alittle more insight than you seem to demonstrate.

    • Are you sure about Mr. Kalaba going to a University and having studied for a degree? Did he actually get it? Any idea what he studied?


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