INSPECTOR General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says it is not true that the police are planning to summon UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Kanganja stated that this was far from the truth.

“In the same vein, another falsehood was propelled that the Police have plans to summon UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema which is far from the truth,” Kanganja stated.

He stated that in instances where the police had intentions of summoning any person for any reason, they did so transparently because they have nothing to hide.

“It is with this back ground that I want to caution politicians to be responsible as they do their politics as opposed to engaging in misconduct that may cause public disorder,” he stated.

The Inspector General of Police has warned that anyone that would be found wanting for inciting the public through publication of falsehood or alarming statements, would be dealt with in accordance with the law.

And Mr Kanganja stated that it was appalling to note that some politicians wanted to take a route of using propaganda and falsehood to gain sympathy from the electorate as seen from the conduct of Mkushi North Constituency, UPND aspiring candidate Topson Kunda who raised false alarm that he had been shot in the foot.

He stated that Mr Kunda’s allegations almost sparked protests in Itala Compound.

Mr Kanganja stated that politicians should bear in mind that his command would not tolerate irresponsible conduct which may bring about public disorder.

“It must be understood that giving false information to a public officer is a prosecutable offence; therefore, anyone found wanting shall not be spared,” Mr Kanganja stated.

On Thursday, April, 15, 2021 around 23:53 hours, Mr. Kunda gave false information to the Police that he had been shot at whilst in Itala Compound and had sent someone to report on his behalf to police while he remained in a motor vehicle which was parked at the police station.

However, when some officers spotted him, they requested to see where the gun wound was as they could not spot any injury on his left foot.

Mr Kunda was advised by police to get a medical report form for him to be attended to by Health authorities but he turned down the advice stating that he could not be treated at a Government Hospital.

But he later became unruly and left after refusing to get a medical report form saying he would be attended to at a Private Health Facility.

According to Mr. Kanganja, the aspiring candidate conduct almost sparked riots among members of the public in Itala Compound who were swayed into believing that the person in question was shot at when infact not.



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