PF will never learn from their fixated politics of accusation and counter accusation. JJ Banda disappears, and immediately, they begin pointing fingers, including at myself. But, here is their challenge that even JJ Banda didn’t know. We are in the 21st century, and as a country, we have eyes in the sky. Every road in Lusaka is under surveillance. This was the system that the PF itself installed a few years ago when they monitored Zambians.

I am sure they didn’t know what they were installing. They were mainly preoccupied with receiving bribes from the contract to install cameras on our roads.

It is not possible to fake your own death as a way of running away from justice. Because all your movements around Lusaka are captured on camera.

I am sure by now that the police have already viewed JJ Banda’s movements and possible getaway car that could have removed him from the car he left with a running engine. Some of us are not as wicked as those who could humiliate us to an extent of living in extreme fear in our own nation.

This is exactly what they did with the death of Nsama Nsama and Kaunda. They talked about foreign elements hired by the UPND to kill. Immediately, the two were murdered Chilufya Tayali and company were already on air blaming the UPND. But, because we are in the 21st century, that plan flopped because cameras recorded everything and they ended up sacrificing the young cop as a cover up. This is why I have continued appealing to the UPND government and its institutions to review these cases and ensure that justice is granted to all the victims.

All I can assure you, fellow citizens, is that I don’t compromise on injustices and I can never be an angel and the devil at the same time when fighting for justice. We shall keep knocking on the doors of justice until people like journalist Peter Sukwa and our once disrespected police officers who were beaten at Lusaka Central Police Station receive justice. This will set an example to those in power today and their supporters that laws need to be respected. This is not a jungle country!

We wish JJ Banda well so that he can respond to the many crimes he is accused of committing with impunity. If you cannot do the time, don’t commit the crime. Meanwhile, I encourage all those with information about me abducting him to report to the law enforcement department to ensure that I’m brought to justice. I’m just an ordinary citizen who respects the law of the country. This is why I behave myself at all times, and no matter what happens in my life, rich or poor, with or without temporary political power, I will never urinate into someone’s mouth nor ambush police officers carrying out their national duties.

I love the 21st century.



  1. @Danger Kumazulo you are 100% RIGHT. Sikaile has written a great article. It’s like JJ created that escape route. I believe he is even in Eastern by now.

  2. Honestly even before the matter is concluded accusations are being thrown around about possible people who may have committed the crime.

    Blaming innocent persons before the end of the police investigations does not make any sense. Waiting for the police to investigate the matter is the best way forward.

    Some people also claim they will look for him and find him. This is now a criminal case. Do they know where he is? Or have they become professional police investigators all of a sudden. This illogical self impossed local security camp with a legitimate run state is becoming a very worrying signal of a parallel run state. Such utterrances should not be tolerated and are careless. Where will they start from?

    Everything about this case sounds very suspicious and how the opposition are carelessly making unwise unsubstantiated comments.

    Indeed it is true we have surveillance systems that will easily capture what had transpared and similarly governemt may already have traced movement of tthe vehicle of that other fake claim of the army having pursued another politician who claimed of being stalked by the army.

    The property it entered and the exact times must already be known by now given the sophisticated systems that were deployed to monitor us all.

    It wise to be patient and have some retraint instead of issuing unsubstantiated comments.

    One question which is puzzling is what was the honourable doing at that awkward hour to be attacked. at that point?

    What was the honourable doing there at that hour? Who moves arround at that hour only to be ambushed in an area where the police patrol regularly. Since no one can answer this question for now without incriminating themselves. It is better. for all to hold their peace. This is a police matter like every other criminal case of missings persons in the country. Let the police handle it.

    This mystery will definitely soon be solved seeing the high profile nature of the case.

    Let the people calm down on the suspicions and finger pointing. Their absolute certainty in pointing at others leave four other fingers pointing right back at them of knowing much more of the current case than we all know and hence are suspects to the whole thing.

  3. Seems this Sikaile knows something about Jay Jay Bandas disappearance! He’s talked about several crimes Jay Jay Banda committed in the past, are these the reasons for his abduction. And Sikaile has word of advise to people in power not to use jungle as this can back fire in the near future! According to him , this is a lesson to others not to use jungle law when they are in power! Sikaile is an ardent of supporter of Upnd. And yet he has not advised anybody in Upnd about dangers of Jungle law, which Upnd are currently employing! So does Sikaile realize that Hichilema is in the fore front using Jungle law instead of following the constitution of Zambia! Am sure there will be more abductions under the next government if that’s the best way to deal with users of jungle law! Tempano tuli!


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