By Mark Simuuwe.


I just watched this piece on Lungu family Presser

My view to this is that , yes indeed let us allow for justice and also allow law enforcement agencies to work accordingly. This is what they are doing . To the contrary I thought it is the PF calling government names for allowing law enforcement agencies do their work . PF does not want to be answerable for their bad actions and are busy looking for public sympathy. It does not work like that … when some of us were being caged for trumped charges we went to court and won the case.

Now as former first family , think of how your father tormented the HH family by arresting a man who did not commit any offense 15 times , tear-gassed the family , broke into the house , and later your father even promised to hand over power to himself then arrest HH immediately after assuming power.

Imagine , where HH would be if your Dad won elections. HH extended an olive branch to your Dad but your Dad would still call HH a hypocrite. Your father is still active in politics and when he is treated as one you complain .

Your Dad is unrepentant and does not appreciate even the peace he has so far enjoyed . Your PF believes there is no freedom unless they are given more power to attack citizens and cause bloodshed .

Thank God I am not HH , you were going to cry!!!

Lawrence Banda is no more because your father wanted the country to be that way, Grazier Matapa is no more , Mapenzi Chibulo , Nsama Nsama , Joseph Kaunda are no more and they will never come back , think about their children! Some UPND members are moving with bullets in their bodies to date and no justice has been grated to them yet .

You are able to even hold Press Conference which were not easy to hold when your Dad was ruling . Justice was far-fetched yet You still can’t see the big heart HH extends to the PF . PF thugs hunted us down and burnt people’s houses for merely belonging to the opposition.

HH escaped gun shots in western Province at the hand of your father .

Your Dad stopped HH from flying to campaign and where he did , police chased him like a thief !

You planted the fake Hatembos case to simply abuse your powers . You went to the extent of demonizing the people of Bweengwa by faking a video on ZNBC that Tongas in Bweengwa were hunting down Bembas … purely evil matrix to say the least .

You called HH a satanist for merely choosing to contest elections.

Remember that not even RB enjoyed such an atmosphere but had his passport grabbed and and immunity lifted .

Let us not start seeking sympathy but allow the justice system the space to work .

Imagine as Mark Simuuwe , I was abducted by your PF government but I have never sought sympathy except to move on . I was later arrested and locked up but I faced the court . What is wrong with us being asked on where we got the money from ?

Your own FIC published the document at your time which showed corrupt practices by politically exposed persons and ministers giving themselves contracts, and sponsoring and linked some politicians to terrorism as per FIC report by Mary Chirwa administration then.

UPND members were chased from markets and bus stops ;

Some tribal groupings lost their jobs for merely belonging to those tribes ! They were retired in national interest.

Your father was tyrannical to say the least !

Some PF officials were at the center of illegal Mukula exports to mention but a few ….

Should we move on and allow the law to remain broken? God forbid . Law breakers should account for their deeds .

You should appreciate the space you have . Today you can even talk about justice not at your father’s time . Courts were intimidated with gun shots and teargas canisters .

Hooliganism was what punctuated your Dad’s leadership .

Thank God HH told his party members never to revenge nor attack anybody, this country could have been too small for you….

But remember that HH is only human; don’t make him think that he is doing nothing … to safeguard your family …

Please don’t remind us of the things we went through under your Dad’s leadership!


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