Pokello at Ginimbi body viewing in Harare

In an attempt to bury rumours that the late socialite Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure had a snake that gave him money in his bedroom, fellow socialite and close friend Pokello Nare has made it clear in her tribute that Ginimbi had nothing to hide as he let her use his bathroom in the bedroom.

Pokello posted a heartfelt tribute to her friend of 15 years, Ginimbi who died in a horrific car accident on 08 November.

Social media was flooded with rumours and conspiracies that the flamboyant businessman used witchcraft (kuromba) to attain his wealth and had a snake in his bedroom which vomited money for him.

Implying that Ginimbi had nothing to hide in his bedroom Pokello wrote, “Your bedroom was a public space for all your close friends, in a house with 10 bathrooms, you would say ‘Poki go ude the one in the bedroom’.”

The former big brother housemate also addressed rumors of Ginimbi having to have ‘sacrificed’ his mother and brother.

“The death of Andrew who they accused you of ‘sacrificing’. He had suffered from a heart condition for years, you had flown him out for surgery and done everything that your money could allow you but still they say, ‘he didn’t take care of his family.’”

“Mama’s cancer was detected too late but you paid hospital bills at Avenues for years till the inevitable happened. They will still say, ‘he sacrificed’ his mother.” Pokello narrated.

Among other things Pokello revealed how Ginimbi made it out of poverty with only one ‘O level’ subject, Agriculture.

“I want to tell them you only got one ‘O Level’ subject which was Agriculture. You didn’t even collect the results,” Pokello wrote.

Regardless of failing to attain the expected results and educational level Pokello said Ginimbi had a level of street savvy that was captivating.

‘You had a knack for the right opportunities, you knew which deals would have the highest returns. Gas, fuel, Tobacco, Machinery, Promoter Nightclubs, Real Estate, Transport and GCK securities,” said Pokello.

Pokello says she had been friends with Ginimbi for 15 years and had seen him struggle to reach the top. She said people only started questioning him when he got to the top.

“The moment you move out of your situation they want a conclusive report as to how you have achieved that,” she wrote.

Ginimbi was laid to rest on Saturday. Nehanda Radio


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