Police Block Socialist Party Rally, SP Vows To Proceed

Cosmas Musumali
Cosmas Musumali


Lusaka, Friday (June 7, 2024)

The Zambia Police Service has cancelled a political rally for the opposition Socialist Party – SP set for Kitwe’s Changanamai Grounds in Riverside tomorrow, Saturday, on the Copperbelt.

SP General Secretary Cosmas Musumali has, however, urged citizens to turn up in numbers for the rally because the party does not need police permission.

Dr Musumali said his Party had provided notice to the police.

He said SP President Fred M’membe was going to speak to the nation on pertinent issues affecting the nation such as the high prices of commodities, political ing in the country including Kitwe.

“They are telling us that we should not go ahead with the rally at Changanamai Grounds because of the overall situation pertaining in the country. We went ahead thinking that after so many attempts to speak to the people of Zambia, as a political party on issues that need answers. But we are being told that we cannot go ahead because the situation in the country is volatile. When is this country going to have a chance where people can speak freely? he asserted.

The SP Leader said since the 2021 general elections, no opposition political party has been allowed to conduct any rally under the UPND-led government.

“We have read and we have heard from the ruling party UPND that they are not going to allow any rally. This is dictatorship the of the worst order. Under the PF, as a party, we were allowed at least two rallies that we held. So far, we do not see this happening. It is unacceptable and it should not be tolerated. As a party, we feel that a notification is not something that should stop this rally from going ahead. We do not need police permission to go ahead with this rally. We are going to go ahead on June 8, 2024 at Changanamai Grounds in Kitwe. Our members and supporters are welcome as SP President Fred M’membe will deliver a message of hope,” he said.

This is contained in a statement issued by SP Director Media Brian Hapunda.


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