Police Deployed to Guard PF Secretariat Amid Fears of Clashes Following Lungu’s Return to Politics- Jack Mwiimbu

Monze PUND Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu address journalists during a press briefing at his office in Lusaka on January 22, 2020 - Picture by Tenson Mkhala

The Zambia Police has been dispatched to provide security at the Patriotic Front (PF) Secretariat as tensions rise and concerns mount over potential clashes between rival factions following the announcement of former President Edgar Lungu’s return to active politics. Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwimbu revealed the move, emphasizing that the internal divisions within the PF pose a risk to peace and could undermine investor confidence.

Addressing the media in Lusaka, Jack Mwimbu dismissed any insinuations that the government is supporting newly elected PF President Miles Sampa to destabilize the party. He affirmed the government’s commitment to maintaining peace and security within Zambia and addressing the ongoing internal disputes within the PF.

The Minister shed light on the recent extraordinary convention held by the PF, stating that the event was under police protection because the organizers provided timely notice for it. He refuted claims that police had been refusing permits to the faction led by Given Lubinda, clarifying that any issues related to security concerns on proposed rally dates were the primary reasons for any adjustments in the schedules.

The deployment of police to the PF Secretariat comes amid heightened tensions within the party, as various factions grapple for control and influence, particularly following Edgar Lungu’s announcement of his return to active politics.

In another development, Minister Mwimbu commended the security agencies in Zambia for their recent efforts in cracking down on notorious criminals, often referred to as “junkies,” in the Chibolya compound and other parts of Lusaka. He highlighted the government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring peace and security for all Zambians, underscoring the importance of maintaining law and order throughout the nation.


  1. Ba Mwimbu bakalamba sana he cannot be hehaving in this way. In addition to that he’s a lawyer. When these things they are doing rebound back to them they should not blame anybody. Hichilema and Upnd have become very unpopular in the country. In the next few years Upnd will disappear from the political scene. Which law says police should guard private property without the owners requesting. There are more important things that police can do, including taking patrols in all compounds to lessen crime which has been triggered by the high cost of living caused by mis management by Upnd government.


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