Police find dead Chadiza man’s grave empty

FOLLOWING the incident of Easter weekend in which a deceased witchdoctor was discovered alive and kicking in Chipata Central Hospital, police in the mountainous Eastern Province embarked on confirming the ressurrection story by digging up the grave in which Chigomola Zulu alias Dr Sesema Mkango Wamfiti was buried.

Zulu, now aged 47 is said to have died on March 17, 2004 after suffering from tonsils and a swollen tongue and was buried leaving behind a wife and three children.

Zulu’s relatives were however shocked to find him alive and kicking in Chipata Central Hospital 17 years later, albeit as a prisoner recieving treatment.

He had been jailed for murder he committed in Mansa in 2006.

Chigomola told #Kalemba in an interview after being discovered that he had resurrected four days after his burial and went on a wondering trip in Zimbabwe and Zambia before arriving in Mansa District of Luapula where he was jailed in 2006.

And in the usual prisoner transfer, Zulu was brought to Chipata’s Namuseche Prison where he fell sick and was admitted to the place of his death, Chipata Central Hospital and consequently discovered by his relatives.

Zulu’s tale also shocked Police in Eastern Province who said the only way to confirm; was to visit his “burial site” in Chadiza, dig it up and see what was there.

Despite not being trained in witchcraft and related sciences, police arrived in Mupeta Village of Chief Maguya on Friday armed on with shovels and hoes to confirm first hand if the grave was indeed empty.

After relentlessly digging which left their polished boots dusty, like disciples of Jesus of Nazareth who visited Jesus’ grave after Sabbath, the cops discovered that the grave of Sesema Mkango Wamfiti was empty.

Upon seeing the empty grave, the police then fired their Land Cruiser and left the village to report to authorities in Chipata that indeed Sesema had “arisen”.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Geza Lungu has promised to issue a comprehensive statement on the matter.

Despite the finding, Zulu’s widow, Mary told Spring TV a few days after he was discovered alive that the prisoner claiming to be her husband was a fraud.

Mary said the man might have been her late husband’s helper during his traditional healing rituals.

Meanwhile, the “former late” Zulu is back in Namuseche Prison after being discharged from Chipata Central Hospital.

#CAPTION: The “former late” Zulu on his Hospital bed on Friday April 2, 2021 – Picture by Kelemba correspondent



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