Police Headquarters in fire accident no casualties recorded the matter has been reported to Kabwata Police Station


Zambia Police Service Headquarters Fire Incident
Lusaka, Zambia – January 8,2024

At approximately 09:00 hours this morning, a fire incident occurred at the Zambia Police Service Headquarters, affecting only the switch room of the ground floor of the four-story building. The incident, believed to have been caused by an electrical fault, prompted a swift response from our electrical and emergency services departments.

All personnel present at the premises at the time successfully evacuated the building, and we are pleased to report that there were no casualties. The safety of our officers and staff is our utmost priority, and we are grateful that everyone managed to evacuate safely.

The Zambia Police Service high command would like to extend its gratitude to the electrical and emergency services departments for their prompt and effective response in containing the fire. Their efforts played a crucial role in minimizing the extent of the damage.

The incident has been officially reported at Kabwata Police Station, and investigations are underway to determine the exact cause of the electrical fault and assess the overall impact on the infrastructure.

We assure the public that measures are in place to ensure the continued smooth operation of essential services despite the temporary disruptions caused by the incident today. Our electrical department is working tireless to restore power on the only affected floor.

The Zambia Police Service remains committed to the safety and security of the public, and we appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all stakeholders during this challenging time.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Rae Hamoonga


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