Police IG sued for unlawful detention

Inspector General of Police Graphel Musamba!

Police IG sued for unlawful detention

A ZAMBIAN businessman, Hendrix Nyambe has taken legal action against the Inspector General of Police, accusing the law enforcement agency of unlawful detention and violation of his rights.

In the lawsuit filed in the High Court where Mr. Nyambe has sued the Inspector General of Police and the Attorney General as first and second respondents respectively, he is demanding for his immediate release from police custody and seeking justice for the alleged misconduct.

According to an affidavit before the court obtained by The Scoop, on 17th July 2023, a Chief Inspector only identified as Choongo, a police officer stationed at Police Force Headquarters, summoned Mr. Nyambe for an interview in relation to an ongoing investigation into purported allegations of obtaining goods by false pretences and forgery.

Mr. Nyambe says he furnished the police with the information they needed but that after the interview, he was thrown into police cells without any warn and caution statement being recorded from him and that no explanation was given as to why he was being detained.

Mr. Nyambe says despite cooperating fully with the police and providing the information they required, he has been languishing in custody after his consequent arrest without any indication of when he might be released or taken to court.

“The lack of transparency and the absence of any justifiable cause for my continued detention has left me deeply disturbed. As a businessman, my absence from my enterprise has severely impacted its operations, resulting in significant losses. The authorities show no concern for the adverse effects on my livelihood, and I demand fair compensation for the time I have lost,” reads the affidavit in part.
Nyambe is seeking an order of leave to issue a Writ of Habeas Corpus Ad Subjiciendum to compel the authorities to produce Nyambe before the court and provide a just cause for his detention.

Furthermore, he is also seeking release on bail, given the lack of any tangible evidence to suggest his involvement in any criminal activity.


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