Police in Australia thwart an alleged rapper murder plot


The police in Australia have accused two men of planning to harm four members of the rap group OneFour.

The two men, known as Brandon Maseuli and Yousef Rima, are part of a criminal group that started in Lebanon and operates internationally.

The police said the group accepts jobs to do dangerous things like killing people and taking others.

Maseuli, 26, and Rima, 20, were arrested in Sydney on Thursday and now have to deal with a number of charges.

They did things like planning to kill someone, taking someone away, leading a group of criminals, and doing illegal things with drugs and stealing.

Officials have requested permission to arrest a 22-year-old man who they think is in another country.

The police said that Maseuli and Rima planned to kill four important men in Sydney for someone else.

Four members of the drill rap group OneFour have been named as the targets. Their names are Jerome “J Emz” Misa, Pio “YP” Misa, Spencer “Spenny” Magalogo and Dahcell “Celly” Ramos. It’s not clear why they didn’t go after the fifth member, Salec “Lekks” Su’a.

The OneFour members were targeted because they had a problem with another group. This other group may have hired a criminal gang in Sydney to hurt the rappers. The police told the Sydney Morning Herald about this.

The police found out about the suspected plan while looking into the Sydney group that Maseuli and Rima belong to. They also say that it was connected to many kidnappings, including one involving a large amount of cocaine.

Both people accused of a crime went to court in Liverpool on Thursday. They were not allowed to leave jail until their trial.

OneFour, a popular rap group from Australia, has had many encounters with the police. Their songs often have sad and aggressive words, which the police say can make people want to act violently.

They had to stop a big trip around the country in 2019 because the police were worried about safety.


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