Police in Kafue detain NDC leader Saboi Imboela and GP President Jackson Silavwe



POLICE in Kafue have detained some Leaders of the Opposition Alliance, UKA and some Journalists.

Information reaching Zambian Eye is that Police apprehended NDC leader Saboi Imboela, Golden Party leader Jackson Silvwe and some Media persons, Innocent Phiri KBN TV, Mwima from Millenium TV and Mambwe Zimba Media Director NDC.

The two UKA Leaders had gone to Kafue the venue of the Alliance scheduled rally this afternoon which Police has stopped.

By press time Police had not charged those detained and the other UKA Leaders were holding press briefing.

The UPND government has not allowed any public rally outside by-elections since 2021 when they formed government.

Early in the week Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu said UKA does not exist. Mwiimbu said its Chairman Sakwiba Sikota had instead attempted to register a pressure group and not a political Alliance.


  1. It’s not police who have detained them it’s Hichilema, because if he’s against what police are doing he would tell them to stop! Now because he’s the one instructing them so he’s happy with the way the police are abrogating the Zambian constitution. Hichilema should know he’s not popular and he’s making himself more unpopular through a lot of dictatorial acts! He wants to pretend he’s not the one giving instructions, but as much he reasons , all Zambians reason as well, and we know it’s him giving all the instructions! So I wonder how he hopes to win the next elections when most people don’t want him. Imagine even nature is against him, no rains, bees etc.

    • Hakainde is completely in the right truck. And there’s nothing wrong with this man. Zambia is in good hands with this man. Ala mwe Lesa muli bakulu for giving us this good leader

  2. These chaps were praying to be arrested so they can squeeze some public sympathy. People can not eat sympathy. Give us your ideas of how to sort out the country’s challenges. You don’t need a rally to do that. Publish you manifesto on social media.

    Boma ni boma. You mess with it, it messes with times 40.

    What is so hard in registering a pressure group if you do not fall under the wing of any political party? Total lack of respect for the law. These can not be national leaders. Too childish.

  3. Hakainde’s bahaviour is a total disgrace. He himself used to cry like a baby when police used to do this to him while in opposition.

    This is the exact nonsense that got PF voted out. But in his warped wisdom, he has carried on the button of oppression from PF, and made it even worse.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

    • Yes in 2026 vote wisely for HH a sober and a President with great vision again. Not these idiots who are just opportunists and noise makers

    • Yes we have already decided who to vote for. Vote for progress and development and not confusion. NEVER going back. NEVER!9

  4. Jail those two nincompoomps for disturbing the peace. If you listen to all those failed UKWA aka UKA presidents, there is totally nothing that comes out of their filth mouths apart from hatred and jealousy. Where was nawakwi, ELC and the other rubbishes? Safely at home

  5. The police is not HH,this country has laws which everyone should abide. If one breaks the law then one faces the consequences that’s why if you break the law the law enforcement officers will handle you accordingly.In the case of the NDC leader and his colleague ,the two thought the were above the law kashi baloba ilyauma. The opposition should play mature politics for them to score marks. Let them spend the weekend in this cold weather so that they learn to follow the law in future.

  6. Always looking for sympathy and seeking attention from people but doing them in a wrong way. Just register your UKWA, whatever you call it and see if anyone will arrest you. You have many layers in UKA including Lungu, why are they failing to give you the correct advice? In SA, former President Jacob Zuma was allowed by the Courts to recontest under his newly registered party and not ANC, Lungu even congratulated him, why can’t you do the same, and all these conflicts will be a thing of the past. Every country has laws and no one is allowed to disregard those laws freely. Unfortunately the law also does not favor anyone, it favors itself and breaks the one who breaks it.

  7. Why is it that some people blame HH for everything? HH is not the police. He does not have the power to arrest. People defy and dare the police then they r asking for it. Weldone ZP

  8. Munganga …your negative comments will take to chainama. Advise your fellow opposition members to abide by the law because they are misguided…Sakwiba sikota , Edgar Lungu and others betrayed their friends by staying away knowing very well the consequences of ignoring the advice from the police.


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