Police in Sweden demolish objects outside Israeli embassy


Swedish police destroyed a “dangerous object” found near the Israeli embassy in Stockholm.

According to local reports, there was a big reaction to the incident. An area of 100 meters (328 feet) around the embassy was blocked off to keep the public safe.

The police told the media that it was too soon to give more information about the object. They said that nobody got hurt.

The ambassador from Israel to Sweden said that someone tried to attack the embassy and the people who work there.

Ziv Nevo Kulman said on X that we are not scared of terror. He said thank you to the Swedish authorities for acting quickly.

Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister Ebba Busch said in her own post that she was very upset and scared by the strong dislike of Israel. We need to stop violent extremism.

Police were called around 1:10pm local time (12:10pm GMT), as reported by TV4.

The thing was later blown up by the national bomb squad, according to TV4. The journalist heard a loud noise at the location.

Sweden’s main TV station SVT said that the police with guns went to the place and brought sandbags with them, apparently to help get rid of the object.

The police are looking into it.

The embassy is in a rich neighborhood by the water in the middle of Stockholm.


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