Police Launch Manhunt For 15 PF MPs And PF Ward Official For Allegedly Holding Illegal Gathering



Below is the police inquiry report;

Inquiry file Opened up O.B 184 /24 at 10:04 on 13/02/24.In which D/W/Const Nkausu of Chifunabuli Police Post into the inquiries office and further reported to have opened up an in inquiry file of unlawful assembly of about Fifteen (15) PF Suspected members of Parliament had a rally at Mwewa secondary school grounds on 11/02/24 in between 14:00hrs & 17:00hrs..

Brief facts are that on 11/02/24 the following Suspected PF members of Parliament namely:-

1 -Brian Mundubile (MP) for Mporokoso constituency
2-Benwell Mpundu for Nkana
3- Robert Francis Kapyonga for Mpika 4-Brenda Nyirenda for Lundazi
5-Nixson Chilangwa for Kawambwa central 6- Gen Chisenga for Mambilima
7-Julein Nyemba Fwankie-Chifunabuli
8-Cliff Mpundu for Chembe
9-Antony Kasandwe for Bangweulu 10-Chanda Katotowe for Luapula & other five who have not yet been Identified had convened & had a rally without a Police permit or without notifying the Police…

And also M/Nicodimas Lumande a PF ward Chiarperson of shikamushile who arranged the venue for the rally at Mwewa secondary school grounds with Mr Chishenge Elias the headteacher who happened to be the former classmate to Hon Fwankie.

These PF members of Parliament did not notify the police to have a rally.. Information has it that these PF members of Parliament used Chibuye – Cholasenga road via the forest when going to Mwewa..And information on the ground is that the same group even paid courtsay call on Senior Chief Mwewa & Chitembo’s Palaces respectively.This Occurred on 11/02/24 in between 14:00 hrs & 17:00hrs in Senior chief” Mwewa chiefdom at Mwewa secondary school.

A man hunt has been launched to bring a ward Chiarperson M/Nicodimas Lumande to book the one who organized the for rally with out notifying the Police.The said Person stays in Shikamushile area which is about 32 Km from the boma..More to follow.

Chifunabuli District is a district of Luapula Province, Zambia. It was created in 2018 by splitting Samfya District.


    • You are a short sighted idiot. Have you forgotten that there is a law which prohibits such illegal meetings? It was implemented by pf to the extent where HH was not even allowed to attend church or the market. The law has not yet been repealed, so there are no sacred lambs.

      • Very true and correct reasoning. The law was never repealed from the previous administration and hence is still actively enforced.

        Surely here only ignorance can mislead.

  1. Hichilema and Upnd are gone. Go to North Zambia nobody wants to hear about them. Their exit will be very shameful. So Upnd members can’t see that Hichilema is quickly killing their party. When Upnd is out of power that will be the death of the tribal party, especially after Mweetwa confirmed the tribal tag to all Zambians. And this police is it the one running government? They will all be fired after Hichilema is out of power. Losing your job because you fail to be professional? After under going professional training!

  2. Let them go ahead no one is in the UKA party. They are simply exercising their rights of assembly and I know they came to meet with an intension forming another party because they have seen that UKA party is a failed party and no one as at now will ever allow ECL to lead this mother Zambia.
    Police please leave them as long as they are peaceful in their deliberations


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