Police prevent PF MPs from holding Press briefing


Police prevent PF MPs from holding Press briefing

Sun. Oct 29, 2023

Patriotic Front Members of Parliament led by Leader of opposition Hon. Brian Mundubile and Lunte MP Hon. Mutotwe Kafwaya could not proceed with a scheduled Press briefing at Fatmos Lodge in Olympic this morning because heavy presence of Police met them upon their arrival .

Hon. Mundubile and Hon kafwaya were going to speak in support of the comeback to active politics of PF Substantive President, Dr. Edgar Lungu among other issues.

But the presser could not take place because the area was surrounded by police officers .

Images that have gone viral on various social media sites show that the police had also been at the PF Secretariat which is situated at the corner of Panganani and Lumumba roads .


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