Police Spokesperson Is Defaming The Patriotic Front Leadership By Issuing Alarming Statements- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


Lusaka-15th December 2023

We are rather surprised by an alarming statement issued by the Zambia Police and attributed to Police Spokesperson, Mr. Rae Simalambo Hamoonga.

We must emphasize that the Patriotic Front has no factions as purported by Moonga and the state planted stooge in the Party masquerading as its leader, will defnitely be evicted in due course.

We must state that Zambians have so far noted, that despite extreme provocation made against our party by the State and their sponsored stooge, the Patriotic Front leadership has consistently sought civil and legal means to seek Justice.

We have sought redress with the Zambia Police, Parliament, Registrar of Societies, the Courts of Law and other institutions.

It must be said, that since the State embarked on orchestrated attacks and attrocities against the Patriotic Front, the Party has appealed to institutions of democracy to honour the Rule of Law and deliver Justice.

Despite the apparent futility and setbacks we may have suffered so far by this route, we have always remained civil in our approach.

However, the State has continued to occasion atrocities against the Patriotic Front Party in an unrelenting manner.

For example, the Electoral Commission of Zambia has issued, through a letter dated 13th December 2023, illegal rules regarding the upcoming ward by-election in Mayembe Ward in Shiwangandu, Kapamba Ward in Mpika and Kayo Ward in Mwansabombwe districts.

Such illegal actions perpetrated by state institutions, which the Constitution mandates and expects to be neutral and independent, threaten the peace and security of our country.

We must emphasize that the State has engaged in extremely dangerous schemes against the Patriotic Front, against Democracy and against the Rule of Law and has continued to shrink the democratic, media and civil spaces.

The State has demonstrated that it will go to great length to attempt to steal, kill and destroy the Patriotic Front and help create a defacto one-party State.

This is a futile exercise as Zambians willingly chose to be a multi-party democracy.

Coming to the Zambia Police, it has become an infamous tool being used to stoke threats to national peace and security, by engaging in activities that are taking away rights and freedoms of political parties, citizens by practicing lawlessness.

We urge the Police and the ECZ to allow the due process of the law to prevail in the upcoming by-elections, and abandon the known schemes being pushed by State House to prevent the Patriotic Front from participating in the upcoming by-elections.

By issuing alarming, lawless and threatening statements, the Zambia Police is only going to endanger the very peace our country enjoys.

Issued by;
Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba,
Chairperson of Information and Publicity,
Member of the Central Committee,


  1. Mwamba you and your clowns are not representitive of the Party. You are the stooges wanting to purport that you are legitimate.
    If you are so legitimate, why havent you held a convention. You paid ZMK 200,000 in attempt to stand a PF President. Why have not you stood up to support that attempt as Miles Sampa has? Instead you have cowered down like the others to support a man that failed the Zambian people. A man that thinks of himself for the state to build him a house after insulting the same Zambian people.
    Ask yourself what kind of a man suggests he serves us with that mindset? A selfserving arrogant fool (sorry for the lack of word to describe the true description of who Mr. Lungu is).
    Mr. Mwamba, Sampa is more of a man than you will ever be. A patriot, who stands for what is right, while the likes of you parot for moraless, spinless leaders that dont speak for Zambians, that dont speak for the poor but like leeches seek to drain the state for your ownselves. Killing structures to plander the state, shouting from roof tops to sway our minds off the issue that Lungu and his family cant explain in the courts how the obtained the wealth they suggest they obtained legitimately.
    Try some introspection ba Mwamba, we all know how you have slithered your way into the halls of power. Using your tongue. But remember what the the Bible says about “the tongue” in the book of Proverbs. We see you on a daily basis and know what you seek to do. Nothing that benefits the People of Zambia. But self serving and self agrandisement commonly referred as “EGO”. We dont benefit in any manner form that ego. Please do us a favour, find something productive that will serve us or go away. We dont want your wanton destructive behaviour.

  2. Ba Mwamba tries to be relevant but he is a loser. Miles Samoa has ALREADY GONE with PF.

    Mwamba will cry till he cries no more. Lungu has seen that Mumbi Phiri was decieving him.


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