Police summon Barotse activists



Munyinda posted this on his Facebook page.



Comrades in the struggle. I wish to inform you that as Barotseland independence leaders we have been summoned by Zambia Police working in Barotseland.

I received a call out and commanded to appear before Western Division Headquarters at 9:00hrs exactly.

I have no idea why Police has given me a call out.

My guess is that they want to intimidate us to stop protecting and defending the Litunga. We are resolved Comrades to face any consequences while standing for Barotseland and the Litunga. We are here in Barotseland because of King Lubosi Imwiko II who is preserving our identity, land and culture. This is the man we should choose to die for.

I wish to let you know that, there is no Barotseland without the Litunga and no Litunga without Barotseland.

As a law abiding citizen, I will be at the Police at 08:57hrs and get ready for anything.

I have been equally told that I am summoned together with comrade Makala Muyunda and other comrades So we shall move together.

I have been tortured and arrested by PF government at one time , why should I get scared to be called by new dawn Police.


Munyinda Munukayumbwa


The man who goes wherever Litunga goes and stands like he has nothing is doing has been summoned by Zambia Police in Mongu.

Muyunda Makala works under the Office of the Litunga with some special duties attached.

See the article posted by Makala Muyunda confirming Police call out;

As Barotseland Nationalists YOUTH alliance, we have been summoned to appear at Western Division Police Command in MONGU on Monday at 09hrs for what they term ‘interviews’. I have never Committed any crime against humanity, but the only crime I have done is to be Lozi and my strong conviction in the Barotseland activism which is my inalienable right. Nevertheless, am not intimidated nor shaken, I am strong and I will be.


  1. Useless. People are moving away from degenerates called monarchies, then some tribes, with their Tribalism are still living in some archaic centuries.. loyalties to some mortal who just shits like everyone else..Atase.
    Which monarchies do we have in Africa? The last one , Mswati is in trouble, and an endangered species , then some people want to disturb our peace which we have known, and lived for 60 years. Our Struggle for the total liberation of Zambia will also be on the cards.. and no remnants of colonialism will be allowed in Zambia. We have tolerated nonsense for too long. Take note.

    • Is this ‘barotseland ‘ only in Zambia.
      Why are they not agitating other countries like Angola, Namibia, Botswana.Why only in Zambia?
      That’s why it’s a failed project.

  2. You Lozis lost it the moment David Kenneth Kaunda tricked the Litunga to sign the agreement which had fault clauses. Those Lozi advocating for the speration should allow their king to hold a press conference so that he clear the air on this sensitive burning issue instead of keeping quiet.

  3. Police please cage these traitors of mother africa. Many many africans lost their sons and daughters because of traitors like the litunga and their few followers. Hence seeking protection from the Colonial aggressors.
    Abash f–‘ing barotse sellouts with their f—-ing litunga who abated the imperialists in their evil causes. These sellouts are the same as those Chiefs who worked with slave traders to sell their own for pieces of silver. These idi-‘ots betrayed us and want us to elevate them above other citizens. No way. It’s not gonna happen.
    Actually we need a tribunal to punish all that sold out. Ngoni warriors fought, died and didn’t cozy with the imperialists at our expense.
    Before we entertain the lozi sellouts maybe let’s discuss giving honors to those who resisted.

  4. “My guess is that they want to intimidate us to stop protecting and defending the Litunga.”

    What an insult to the Litungas, the Ngambela and the entire Royal establishment. You mean all these people have no mouths to speak?

    You are just “hired guns”, a bunch of cowards who at the sight of a call out, which is not an arrest but an inquiry; are crying like babies.

    Why start sonething without a clear understanding what you are fighting for.

    This whole issue can be put to sleep. The Litunga should call these “sell out” and ask what they have with HH’s statement? There is no Baroestland. There is just Zambia and its 10 provinces.
    Mmembe and Sishuwa want to spin this issue to make a mountain out of a mole. They would like the country to be ungovernable. To what end? To justify them having a position? For one to be appointed one has to deserve the appointment. Why would anyone want to work with uncouth people that would go to this extent to set the country alight?
    Power for powers sake is but vain.
    This organisation should ask gow feasible their ask is. There is NO COUNTRY CALLED BAROESTLAND. History speaks of a territory called Baroestland. So does it speak of the Luba Lunda kingdom. That is history. Egomanics have no place in progress or development. Will the children in the Western Province eat Baroestland and its ideals? Lets be practical about what we suggest.


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