Police Summon Miles Sampa’s chola boy Mr Ground at Woodlands Police Station


Police Summon one of Miles Sampa’s chola boys, Victor Kapungwe Aka Mr Ground, for Investigation purposes at Woodlands Police Station at 10hrs, tomorrow 27th, February 2024.


  1. Imagine Miles HaaSampa and his puppet conman sponsor are abusing the police, commanding them who to arrest. The same will be done to them when they leave power, and we will be seeing the puppet crying like a baby again.

  2. Where are UPND cadres to deal with lama foolish boy. Mosquito where are you with our cadres? We don’t want this nonsense from this kama rude and no teeth foolish idyot. This is your job to sort out. Everytime we wake up being fed with his shit in the airwaves and you’re not doing anything!
    Trevor Mwiinde, are you there? Please do something.


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