POLICE U-TURNS: Police tells Father Chewe Mukosa not to report to Police as per the call-out issued to him


Message to Father Chewe Mukosa Regarding Police Call-Out

April 7, 2024-The Zambia Police Service issues this message to Father Chewe Mukosa, in response to the recent call-out issued to him by the Copperbelt Division.

We urge him not to report to the Copperbelt Division as per the call-out issued to him. After reassessment of the situation, it has been determined that there is no need for his immediate appearance or involvement in any ongoing investigations or inquiries.

Father Mukosa was summoned by the police to provide a statement regarding remarks made during a religious gathering, which were deemed to potentially constitute hate speech.

The Zambia Police Service wishes to remind the public that we have a legal mandate to investigate all forms of criminal activity, regardless of where they occur. It is imperative for all individuals to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in such matters.

We urge the public to uphold the principles of lawfulness and respect for one another as they go about their daily activities. Hate speech and any form of incitement to violence have no place in our society, and those found culpable will be held accountable under the law.

This decision has been made after careful consideration and in the best interest of all parties involved. Should there be any further developments or if his cooperation is required in the future, he will be duly informed.

We appreciate his cooperation and compliance with this directive. Together, we can continue to uphold peace and security within our country.

Rae Hamoonga


  1. Ali na mwai mambala uyu!
    Sembe ni muli KK, asembe bakusobesa uyangana!
    Stop the nonsense of preaching politics in churches!
    You should understand that your congregations are a diverse mix with pro-opposition, pro-ruling party and the non-aligned flock!
    Stop sowing seeds of discord!

    Proverbs 6 reads:
    There are six things the Lord hates,
    seven that are detestable to him:
    17 haughty eyes,
    a lying tongue,
    hands that shed innocent blood,
    18 a heart that devises wicked schemes,
    feet that are quick to rush into evil,
    19 a false witness who pours out lies
    and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

    Verse 19 is what most Catholic clergy are guilty of, sowing seeds of discord among brethren!
    Repent Babylon Preacher man!

  2. This is not worshiping and prise. The Catholic Church has become too political.
    Fine, whatever he was saying could be true in the meantime,but that is not the right platform. Please let’s fear and respect God.
    Let’s give the current government to work it takes time to build what has been destroyed.
    What a normal Man of God is expected to preach is hope and not despair under the circumstances, and not bring about hatred for the current government.

  3. If you don’t understand the religion and politics don’t share your ignorance because the you can not understand that you see the image of God through his people and these are Christians there fore reminding people about the failures of the current government or previous governments since independence has been the all mark of good teachings of the Catholic faith. Might KK faced the same criticisms , Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Ruphia, Sata , Lungu and for your own information, it’s the Catholic that spoke openly about the ill treatment that HH went through and by then the Catholic was your sweetheart but today telling the truth about what is happening you summoned a priest that was one of the most stupid and shameful the UPND police force can make. The marks of the beginning of end of are showing . You are really amateurs

  4. Shameless upnd police.You and your boss ‘re going sooner than you came.In a democratic country you want to be gagging people.Shameless government!

  5. Power is as elusive as a perfume spray, it’s only felt effective in the immediate instance, after that it’s not at all remembered, what is most appalling for the current regim is the wounds of mistreatment they went through are too fresh for them to forget so easily. Instead of changing the narrative, they have arguably become the defacto perpetrators of the same vices they suffered. The police force, mu parliaments bwafya.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  6. You cannot intimidate and silence the Catholic Church. The Vatican is one of the smallest states in the world occupying a small territory. But its power is worldwide. It is more powerful than Hichilema’s government.

  7. Zambia in the hour of darkness…Historians at a loss to keep pace with what is going on in Zambia.
    Police call outs for giving Church Homilies, Daily detentions, espionage charges for merely giving interviews, No political Rallies for Opposition Parties…or any party Mobilisations, Professional Civil Servants hounded out of Offices for doing their jobs , Sham Elections, Judges sitting on Cases – failing to make rulings, National Assembly in disarray, State sanctioned Illegal Party conferences by Fraudsters, police moving with grinders breaking down fences and gates…and on and on.
    The results of giving power to Imposters… propped up by tribal zealots and Praise Thugs….so insecure they are. Zambia under arrest…. when darkness rules.


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