Bonny Kapeso

Police have warned Patriotic Front -PF- cadres against interfering with the provision of security for the President at public gatherings.

Deputy Inspector General of Police In charge Of Operations Bonny Kapeso has wondered where PF cadres draw their authority from to want to take over the security of the President as this mandate is only constitutionally bestowed on the Zambia Police.

Speaking at an engagement meeting with PF Lusaka Provincial Officials today, Kapeso has also warned political parties in the country that the Zambia Police will not allow the formation of parallel security institutions.
And PF Lusaka Province Secretary Kennedy Kamba has assured that the ruling party will endeavor to ensure cordial relations with the Zambia Police.

Kamba has however stated that the PF will speak out where it feels unfairly treated by the police.
He further said that despite being a Party in government, the PF has a strict disciplinary code that compels everyone to respect the rule of law as prescribed by the Constitution of Zambia.

The PF Lusaka Province Secretary explains that President Edgar Lungu has emphasized on the fact none of the PF supporters is above the law.

Kamba said it is for this reason that the party’s name should be separated from isolated individual cases involving some party members that come in conflict with the law.


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