By Friday Kashiwa

On Sundays, we hypocritically humble ourselves before them seeking deliverance and salvation but immediately they speak out against corruption, unnecessary constitutional changes, plunder and other poor governance issues, we start demonizing and calling them all sorts of names.
That’s hypocrisy of the highest order.

Indeed our Bishops worldwide have now become political endangered species just because of few selfish and self centered politicians who want to manipulate their hold on to power, unconstitutionally.

Through their calling, the Bishops and indeed other men and women of God have the holy mandate to speak for the poor and the voiceless.
To speak against the social and political injustices.
To speak against regimes that are bent on suffocating and assaulting other political parties in a democracy.

Why is it that when these men of God, our Bishops rightly speak out against these injustices, they are disparaged, despised, scorned, vilified, insulted and branded as bitter people spreading hatred.

The fact that the Bishops do not answer back or defend themselves against these political attacks is not a sign of being defeated or weakness, but it’s a sign of their humbleness and humility as per their holy calling.

The Bishops are always prayerful that the almighty God they serve so diligently is the only answer to the sufferings and oppression of His people.
So when you attack the Bishops for doing their work, for speaking on behalf of voiceless, you are indirectly attacking God and indirectly inviting His wrath upon yourself.

The Bible declares that:
Touch Not the Anointed One.
Unless you want to be BURUNDILIZED.

Friday Kashiwa.


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