Lubinda Haabazoka

Economics Association of Zambia President Dr. Lubinda Habazoka has urged Zambians to stop fighting and concentrate o developing one another.

Dr Habazoka has noted with regret that Zambians have prioritized politics at the expense of development.

He said Zambia is endowed with so many resources which Zambians should start using to develop one another instead of fighting.

Dr. Habazoka has noted with regret that the fights amongst Zambians on either political or tribal lines have paved way for foreign entities to loot resources especially minerals which they are using to enrich themselves.

Speaking on Hot FM, Dr. Habazoka said a lot of minerals have been and continue to be stolen by people who come as saints not only in Zambia but the African continent.

He said Zambians must come together and start forging partnerships that will lift them out of poverty instead of waiting on International partners like the International Monetary Fund to better their lives.

He accused the International Monetary Fund of contributing to the high poverty levels on the African Continent who he says have never been and will never be a solution to the many challenges facing the African continent.

And Dr. Habazoka has urged the Zambian Government to stop using the US Dollar in its foreign reserves.

He said the Zambian government must be stock up minerals such as Copper and Gold in the reserves which is the actual money instead of the US dollar which is just coloured paper being forced on them by the IMF, the World Bank, and others.

Dr. Habazoka has wondered why a country that has so much mineral resources is still having the US Dollar in its foreign reserves when European countries such as Britain have Gold.

He said the IMF and World Bank must stop enslaving other countries especially Sub Saharan Africa by forcing them to be using the Dollar for everything including trade.

“How is it that the strength of other currencies is dependent on the performance of the dollar, you want to buy oil, you pay the dollar, selling your own copper you pay the dollar and importing goods from South Africa you also pay the dollar and this must come to an end”, he said.

Dr. Habazoka said Africa must also consider coming up with one currency which they will use for trade.


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