MAY 11, 2021

The Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- has discouraged political parties from holding rallies during campaigns which will start tomorrow, May 12th, 2021.

ECZ Director Electoral Operations Royd Katongo says political parties should instead utilize alternative medium of communication and information dissemination such as ICT platforms.

Mr. Katongo says all political parties are expected to conduct their activities in strict adherence to pandemic regulations and that any party that fails to do so will be held accountable for their actions.

Mr Katongo was speaking during an engagement with the Media and Civil Society Organizations on the Standard Operation Procedures in relation to elections in Lusaka today.

He also called upon media institutions to ensure fair coverage of all political parties during the campaign period which will run up to August 11.

He said the Commission is currently preparing to receive nominations countrywide and has trained 2 thousand 4 hundred and 52 officers to handle the nomination process.

Mr. Katongo said during presidential nominations, aspiring Presidential candidates should be accompanied by not more than 10 persons while aspiring Members of Parliaments should be accompanied by 15 supporters and two electoral agents.

He said the political parties are also expected to include pandemic awareness messages in their campaigns.

Mr. Katongo further said the Ministry of General Education is expected to facilitate closing of schools before August 12 to enable the various classrooms to be used for voting to be disinfected.


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