Lewis Mosho,

YOU are haunted, God will never be pleased with you for letting the PF use you against The Post Newspapers, chief Hamusonde has told Lewis Mosho.

And chief Hamusonde of Bweengwa chiefdom west of Monze says the closure of The Post Newspaper and subsequently Prime TV will haunt President Edgar Lungu.

In an interview, chief Hamusonde said the cries of innocent citizens always bring bad omen on people who try to abuse their powers.

“Traditionally, we always advise anybody to respect other people regardless of the hatred that you have for them. Despite that, I am saying that when you respect elders, your life gets prolonged. I also believe that even respecting a baby helps God to give you more wisdom and life. So for my son Lewis Mosho, his behavior towards former Post Newspaper workers who are crying for their moneys is a bad omen, he is haunted by their grief, God will never be pleased with him. He allowed the PF and more specifically President Edgar Lungu to use him against The Post Newspaper. My advise, so please Mr Mosho pay former Post Newspapers workers,” chief Hamusonde said.

He said apart from Prime TV and The Post, the PF leadership had subjected Zambians to untold misery.

Chief Hamusonde added that the rule of law and respect for human rights were a far-fetched dream under the PF government.

“I can assure you that come 2021 when President Lungu will face his worst audit, he will remember The Post. Michael Sata used the paper to form government and his administration was probably designed in the newspaper’s newsroom. So his hate for the private media which led to the closure of The Post and now Prime TV will always haunt him. His hate for opposition leaders, especially Hakainde Hichilema, will always haunt him and Zambians will never forget the poor governance, breakdown of the rule of law and high corruption levels that have characterised the PF administration,” said chief Hamusonde.


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