….says investigating and arresting Zambians for merely buying a vehicle and owning property is wrong

Hon. Bowman Chilosha Lusambo has called for an end to the mentality of begging.

Lusambo is former Minister for Lusaka Province.

He said it is sad that when a Zambian buys a “vehicle”, he becomes subject to investigations from the Anti-Corruption Commission.

Hon Lusambo said such is a poverty mentality which the country must eradicate and start being proud when a Zambian has Money.

“In Zambia, for one to have $50,000 is a crime. Bushe inchito yesu yalaba ukulya Ubwali na kapenta, how are we going to live like that?? We will not allow Zambia to become a begging country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lusambo said there is need for the Zambian people to start benefiting from the mines.

He said if is sad that the economy in regions such as the Copperbelt Province which is rich in natural resources is in ICU.

Hon Lusambo said the situation on the copperbelt requires an urgent attention from the Government.

He has also encouraged the Government to consult with the Zambian people when dealing with the IMF.

“We wanted IMF to have the full disclosure they had with our government, they refused to tell us. Even the government failed to give the people of Zambia the full disclosure. Now we have seen that IMF and other creditors have pulled out from the deal. Those boys and girls in Washington are not our friends, they just want to come and rip the resources from the people of Zambia,” he said.

“The economy is very bad. Our job as politicians is to help the people. If the people re suffering. Then what is the job of the politicians. The people on the copperbelt are still suffering. We want this government to pay attention to that region. We have a lot of resources in that part of the country. We want the Zambians to have money.”


  1. It is the thieving mentality which must end. During the Kaunda/UNIP era, we had SITET, a state investigations arm which used to probe those who acquired assets in a suspected dubious way and we had very little corruption and public thieving.

    Then came PF with its “uubomba mwibala alya mwibala” thieving philosophy and the results have been catastrophic on the moral and economic well-being of the nation. It is now regarded as normal to have unaccounted for (read stolen) wealth.

    According to PF and their sympathisers, no one should ask me questions if tomorrow I park a brand new helicopter on the lawn of my property. Is this how a normal society operates?

    If people genuinely earned their wealth, it would not bother them if they are asked to account for it. On the other hand, if they gained their wealth through corruption they will erupt like a volcano if you start sniffing around.

    Ba Lusambo, we know where you are coming from. Why have you not continued with your generosity after leaving government? The taxi drivers in Kabushi would sure appreciate a full tank of free fuel. What happened to the truckloads of mealie meal and cooking oil you used to give out?

    Balisala akapunda (has the hole been plugged)?


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