Dr. Fred M'membe


It seems power has gotten to Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s head and is starting to affect his judgement and vision – it’s blinding him quite fast.

Contrary to his insinuations, there’s no opposition leader that has put himself or herself above law or thinks that he or she is above the law. Their complaint is that there’s no equality before law under Mr Hichilema’s administration.

It is a well-known fact that throughout history, those who administer or control the criminal justice system hold the power with the potential for abuse and tyranny. And this exactly what Mr Hakainde Hichilema is doing.

The statutory powers to arrest and prosecute those who commit crimes should be reasonably exercised and in good faith.

By allowing opposition leaders to be unjustifiably arrested, detained and prosecuted, Mr Hichilema, those in power, are sending a dangerous signal that the criminal justice system can used to persecute and fix opponents of the regime.

We have been attacked by known UPND cadres and complained to the police but no arrests or prosecutions have ever taken place.

There’s need to administer justice impartiality. Impartial law enforcement should be guaranteed by institutions charged with that responsibility.

We should apply institutions to every aspect of law enforcement as a wall wired with high-tension electricity line.

The only antidote to the culture of venality is the readiness of our criminal justice system to apply the laws fairly and equally.

In Freedom under the Law, Lord Denning wisely remarked, “All power corrupts. Total power corrupts absolutely. And the trouble about it is that an official who is the possessor of power often does not realise when he is abusing it.

Its influence is so insidious that he may believe that he is acting for the public good when, in truth, all he is doing is to assert his own brief authority. The Jack-in-office never realises that he is being a little tyrant.”

We should at all times uphold the rule of law, integrity of the criminal justice system and the right to a fair trial.

No section of the community has all the virtues, neither does any have all the vices.

It’s amazing how Mr Hichilema has forgotten so quickly because not so long ago, he demanded for the same equality before the law that we seek today, from those who were in power at that time. So what has changed now?

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Bwana Mmembe you have just joined active politics now. You used to hide under your so called Post Newspaper but after the same Edgar Chagwa Lungu akulimuna, and leaves you on the rocks, this is when you have surfaced realizing time wasted all along. Today the one who hit you hard and badly leaving you imisokololo, to an extent of failing to pay your workers has become your hero!!!! Kkkkkkk. Sometimes you must reflect from behind where you are coming from.
    ECL did his part and your old school of thought didn’t help. Today you put your vocabulary and everyone I looking at you as a finished product of Post Newspaper
    God bless you. Team up with your fellow rejected failed NPF leaders so that you will be counted as a rebel leaders by Zambians

  2. Fred you are a toxic character. You are full of negative energy. All Presidents except Sata have been your enemies. Even late Mazoka mhsriep was your enemy. You called his party as bantustan party. Hatred, hatred and hatred.

  3. The most useless opposition leader around is fuledi. The man has no solutions to anything, it’s all about hatred and tribalism. Even those one man parties are better than him atleast they try to say something of value.

  4. Clearly it seems Mr. Mmembe only hears what he wants to hear. The president was very clear in his message imploring the police to investigate and apply the law fairly to all citizens regardless of their position in society. But for Mr. Mmembe in his head he heard president HH instructing the police to arrest opposition leaders when in fact the president was advising the police to do thorough investigations before effecting arrest on any suspected citizen. What kind of is person is Mr. Mmembe that he only sees bad on other people?

  5. So you want oposition leaders to be given VIP treatment when they break the law? That will defeat the principle of equality before the law

  6. Fred keep soldiering. A few hired guns of the tyrant cannot change the fact that he is engaging in criminal activity. He is a white-collar criminal, privatisation kickbacks, Environment Fund to his cousin Muna Hantuba, Diesel import to Indeni Energy ( HH is the owner), million of litres of crude oil lying in the pipeline stolen through Sashi Patel, gold smuggling through Diego Casili, single sourcing of fertiliser through your Minister’s husband, 5 million dollars kickback from Ndola Lusaka road contractor, kickback from Vedanta’s Agarwal. List is long. For now, this is enough to show you law’s arms are long. You and your cohorts and abusive hired guns will all pay for the criminal acts. Till then keep moving like an intoxicated elephant.


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