Vice President, Inonge Wina, says there are powerful forces that are pushing the country into instability but the government will not allow that to happen.

Mrs. Wina said this could be seen from the escalating cases of political violence that has filled the political space in the recent past.

Speaking when she met the members of the clergy in Kabwe today, Mrs. Wina challenged Christians and political party leaders to help stop the escalating cases of political violence in the country ahead of the August 21 presidential and general elections.

She said the fight against political violence should be a responsibility of everyone especially the clergy, in order to save the youths from destruction.

“We felt it was important to meet with you and hear from you on issues of the church development and development of Kabwe. It is up to you pastors to share ideas that will stop the political violence and propel the country to development after the elections,” she said.

And speaking to members of the Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Mrs. Wina said there was no country in the world that can develop without partnering with the private sector.

The Vice President said government was there to create an enabling environment for businesses to flourish while jobs are created by the private sector.

“Therefore, the government depends on the private sector for job creation while it creates an enabling environment for sustainable business prospects,” Mrs. Wina said.

She observed that Kabwe is strategically located and KCCI could easily transition into a trade leader in the region.

Meanwhile, Patriotic Front (PF) running mate, Nkandu Luo, said the clergy has a bigger voice to condemn political violence in the country.

Prof. Luo said Zambia would not want to see citizens fleeing the country as refugees as a result of violence.

She thanked President Edgar Lungu for again nominating a woman for the running mate position which she said has given leverage to women.

She also paid tribute to Mrs. Wina for serving the country with integrity and transparency saying this has given dignity to the female-folk.

Prof. Luo has observed that the PF led government has done a lot in the last ten years, adding that the infrastructure development is the benchmark of any sustainable development.

Prof. Luo said the 2021-2026 PF manifesto empowers the people to be in charge of their resources and gives them hope through an effective education sector, health care services and commerce, trading and industry.

And Central Province Chairperson for the Clergy, Hector Sinyangwe, said the church is concerned about the high youth unemployment in Kabwe district.

Bishop Sinyangwe said the government should woo credible investors to invest in the various sectors of the economy in order to address the challenge of unemployment especially among the youths.

“We are concerned as a church with the levels of unemployment and we would want the government to woo credible investors that will turn around the economy and create jobs,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) president, Christabel Ngongola-REINKE, said it was the desire of the trade body to see industries like Kabwe Industrial Fabrication Company (KIFCO) being revitalized.


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