LUNTE PF member of parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya says praise singing could be a way of survival for MMD leader Nevers Mumba. He says it doesn’t make sense to praise someone who has failed to fulfill their electoral promises.

Commenting on Mumba’s recent remarks that he only sang praises to God and to those whose vision was to rebuild Zambia, Kafwaya said it was total rubbish to praise someone when the country was in a mess.

“I find it to be total rubbish because the country is in a mess now more than it has ever been. And to dig ourselves out of this home, I can assure you it’s going to be painful. To reunite this nation again…

(Credit: Diggers)


  1. Kafwaya is just too arrogant and pompus for nothing. totally opposite from the truth or facts

    But to tell you mutotwe the truth, the one who is most at pain who needs to unite himself is yourself. Try to unite your head, mind and the mouth otherwise it will be very difficult for you to do so afterwards.

    1. Yes we know that the cost of living is generally high because of fuel which is at the centre of economic recovery game of our economic performance since it the main pusher, drive or determinant – Fuel , yes it is expensive, but the truth of the matter is that the brilliant brains on HHs team is working harder to make sure that this is controlled. It’s just a matter of some time, it will be well. We have once been in this situation before – during HPIC under President Mwanawasa’s government who l controlled the mess that was left by Chiluba. We tighten up/our – the belts and we came out of it stronger than before.
    Now you people with you leader Lungu messed up the economy, borrowed carelessly and pocketed up a lot of treasury cash while in some instances you gave yourselves and your proxies contracts Chewed in some instances the money but delivered nothing. And this too , to you is proper leadership. – SOIL

    You promoted tribalism at its highest evil level in the country and still doing the same and to you that is good?

    You gassed and killed. Lots of people just because of your greed for power and that to you is good leadership?

    You paraded your cadfes to collect finds in all the markert and bus stops instead of the councils and councils employees went for more than 5,6, even at times 8 months without pay and to you that is leadership?

    You killed many innocent soils just because of your thirsty to holding on to power

    You default on the credits /debts

    You left many local inkongole go oil marketing more than US $ 875 million, maize farmers and others more than US $200 million, persionsrs to mention but a few.

    Your friends despite many challenges they are sorting out which infact you crooks you left are

    1. Paying for secondary boarding school children,
    2. Rolled out free education.
    3. Paying for more university students loans and bursaries
    4. Paying skills training fore more youths
    5. Employed more civil servants openly not yaku back door
    6. Health personnel
    7. Teachers
    8. Army to mention but just afew
    9. Increased CDF from the meager K1.6 million to K30 million per constituency
    10. Promoting unity and file of law
    11. Has put back the country where we used to be before your ugly PF rule

    So what are you saying. You mean you still have difficulties to reconcile your mind and your heart but kulabwata bwatafye. Uuumm AIKONA MAN..

    Just repent otherwise it won’t be good for you and your organisation


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